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Macroaxis is the world's leading portfolio optimization platform, used by fintech enthusiasts and investment professionals around the globe

Self-Directed Investors

Generate optimal portfolios that outperform market benchmarks and protect against global or local economic bubbles. try it

Fin-tech Professionals

Rebalance at your own time and pace to generate and present optimal allocations for your new or existing clients. learn how

Finance Academia

Utilize unprecedented functionality and depth of our investing modules to develop solid diversification habits.start optimizing

Our platform enables investors to generate efficient long-term portfolios in any economic environment across multiple markets

Thematic Ideas

Create optimal portfolios using our predefined set of core models and dynamically originated investing themes.explore it

Robotic Origination

Take advantage of our advanced analytical tools along with analyst and expert consensus to build a personalized set of buy-or-sell signals.try it out

Instant Optimization

Use our advanced investment proposal engine to build optimal portfolio against your current investing inspirations.build it now

Our technology is based on both traditional and evolving trends in fintech, to empower investors with the most affordable digital wealth advisory service

Never invested in equities or cryptocurrencies before? Don't worry - whether you are totally new to investing or not, Macroaxis will help you originate portfolios specifically personalized against your unique investment preferences, risk attitude and budget constraints. The bottom line is that you can apply the power of Macroaxis to all of your portfolios instantly -- lock in positions that outperform market, originate portfolios that maximize returns and minimize risk and build wealth over time - in any economy. Select tool to continue
Portfolio Research
Our service is built for investors of all levels who are seeking to increase risk-adjusted performance of their portfolios using solid financial models and practical portfolio theory

Enjoy unlimited access to our highly scalable and easy to use wealth optimization and suggestion engine