Macroaxis for Financial Advisors

If you are Registered Financial Adviser or a private money manager, you can create an advisor profile which enables you to harness the power of technology and gain access to a highly targeted and free pool of potential clients who are specifically seeking your financial expertise.

Macroaxis is much more than a mere directory listing. We enable investors to search for financial advisors not just by location or zip code, but also by Advisor performance. To maximize your visibility, complete your advising service profile and upload your best portfolios. You can upload multiple portfolios and your ranking will be determined by both your performance, and user reviews. Did we mention that Macroaxis does not charge either investors or advisors for contact or listing? It is a totally free service (well, at least at the moment). Enjoy it.

Advantage To Financial Advisors

Index your profile on major search engines
Index your profile on major search engines and directories
Benchmark performance against others
Benchmark performance against others disseminate strategies
Reach out to investors
Receive leads from potential investors
Optimize clients' positions using MPT
Optimize clients' positions and determine efficient asset allocation
Reduce Risk And Enhanced Return On Managed Assets
Maximize expected return and minimize Total Risk
Increase Managed Assets
Increase managed assets and pitch your performance
Enhance Return On Technology
Enhance Return On Technology
Get advise on your existing asset allocation
Private sharing and mobile access

Get advise on your existing asset allocation

Do you know that Macroaxis can help you to take your website to the next level?

Macroaxis offers dynamic financial content & various widgets for free. This content can be integrated with your website in a minute, without any programming. Want to learn more? See Financial Widgets and Financial Content.
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