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DAX global risk-return landscape

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DAX Price Prediction

DAX Trend Analysis

Use this graph to draw trend lines for DAX. You can use it to identify possible trend reversals for DAX as well as other signals and approximate when it will take place. Remember, you need at least two touches of the trend line with actual DAX price movement. To start drawing, click on the pencil icon on top-right. To remove the trend, use eraser icon.
Closing Price Value 
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DAX Best Fit Change Line

The following chart estimates an ordinary least squares regression model for DAX applied against its price change over selected period. The best fit line has a slop of 34.57 % Macroaxis: change 34.57354601919812 Moved Up which means DAX will continue producing value for investors. It has 44 observation points and a regression sum of squares at 2116929.58, which is the sum of squared deviations for the predicted DAX price change compared to its average price change.
Price Growth (%)  
DAX   Prediction Trend   
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DAX has a best fit line with a correlation coefficient of 0.92. and coefficient of determination of 0.84. Note, that the company had not issued any dividends in recent years.

DAX price boundaries

February 9, 2015



Lowest period price (30 days)
March 5, 2015



Highest period price (30 days)
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Estimated Market Risk

  actual daily
 93 %
of total potential
Market Risk score

Expected Return

  actual daily
 6 %
of total potential
Expected Return score

Risk-Adjusted Return

  actual daily
 21 %
of total potential
Risk-Adjusted Return score
Based on monthly moving average DAX is performing at about 21% of its full potential. If added to a well diversified portfolio the total return can be enhanced and market risk can be reduced. You can increase risk-adjusted return of DAX by adding it to a well-diversified portfolio.

DAX against other indexes

 Russia RTSI   2.43 % Macroaxis: change 2.43 Moved Up  
 Austria ATX   1.51 % Macroaxis: change 1.51 Moved Up  
 Italy FTSE   1.30 % Macroaxis: change 1.3 Moved Up  
 thisGreen DAX ^GDAXI agains markets  1.16 % Macroaxis: change 1.16 Moved Up  
 Netherlands AEX Am   1.15 % Macroaxis: change 1.15 Moved Up  
 France CAC 40   1.11 % Macroaxis: change 1.11 Moved Up  
 Norway OSE Al   1.03 % Macroaxis: change 1.03 Moved Up  
 Denmark OMX CO   1.00 % Macroaxis: 1.0 Moved Up  
 Greece ATHEN   0.99 % Macroaxis: 0.99 Moved Up  
 Belgium EURONE   0.87 % Macroaxis: 0.87 Moved Up  
 Sweden Stockh   0.79 % Macroaxis: 0.79 Moved Up  
 Mexico IPC   0.68 % Macroaxis: 0.68 Moved Up  
 Argentina MerVal   0.64 % Macroaxis: 0.64 Moved Up  
 United Kingdom FTSE   0.55 % Macroaxis: 0.55 Moved Up  
 Switzerland Swiss   0.54 % Macroaxis: 0.54 Moved Up  
 Canada Canada   0.50 % Macroaxis: 0.5 Moved Up  
 United States Nasdaq   0.44 % Macroaxis: 0.44 Moved Up  
 Ireland ISEQ   0.41 % Macroaxis: 0.41 Moved Up  
 Japan NIKKEI   0.26 % Macroaxis: 0.26 Moved Up  
 United States SP 500   0.24 % Macroaxis: 0.24 Moved Up  
 United States Russel   0.14 % Macroaxis: 0.14 Moved Up  
 United States NYSE   0.14 % Macroaxis: 0.14 Moved Up  
 Israel TA 100   0.11 % Macroaxis: 0.11 Moved Up  
 Indonesia Jakart   0.05 % Macroaxis: 0.05 Moved Up  
 Australia All Or   0.04 % Macroaxis: 0.04 Moved Up  
 Republic of Korea Seoul   0.00 % No Change  
 Taiwan Province Of China Taiwan   0.28 % Macroaxis: 0.28 Moved Down  
 Brazil Bovesp   0.29 % Macroaxis: 0.29 Moved Down  
 New Zealand NZSE   0.29 % Macroaxis: 0.29 Moved Down  
 Singapore Strait   0.59 % Macroaxis: 0.59 Moved Down  
 MI Bursa   1.07 % Macroaxis: change 1.07 Moved Down  
 HK Hang   1.11 % Macroaxis: change 1.11 Moved Down  
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