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NT5 NOVB AODC BRH Investing Recycling Conservative 
Benchmark  United States  NYSE  10,576   5.981 Index Moved Down -0.06%  

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March 28 2014 
April 14 2014 

SHAMARAN Market Sensitivity

As returns on market increase, SHAMARAN returns are expected to increase less than the market. However during bear market, the loss on holding SHAMARAN will be expected to be smaller as well.
Germany Stock
Benchmark NYSE
Currency: EUR - Euro
Traded on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
 Germany DAX   0.05 % Macroaxis: 0.05 Moved Up  
 thisGreen 3B8 3B8.F agains markets  0.00 % No Change  
 United States NYSE   0.06 % Macroaxis: 0.06 Moved Down  
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SHAMARAN correlation with market

Significant diversification
Overlapping area represents amount of risk that can be diversified away by holding SHAMARAN PETROL and equity matching NYA index in the same portfolio

SHAMARAN Diversification Suggestion

Use SHAMARAN to protect against small markets fluctuations. The stock experiences normal downward trend, but the immediate impact on correlations cannot be determined at the moment . Check odds of SHAMARAN to be traded at €0.299 in 30 days

SHAMARAN Related Equities

 Germany NWT   1.21 % Macroaxis: change 1.21 Moved Up  
 Germany R6C   0.61 % Macroaxis: 0.61 Moved Up  
 Germany R6C3   0.55 % Macroaxis: 0.55 Moved Up  
 Germany NESR   0.24 % Macroaxis: 0.24 Moved Up  
 Germany AODC   0.00 % No Change  
 Germany NOVB   0.00 % No Change  
 Germany R6C1   0.00 % No Change  
 Germany NT5   0.00 % No Change  
 Germany NESM   0.13 % Macroaxis: 0.13 Moved Down  
 Germany BRH   1.03 % Macroaxis: change 1.03 Moved Down  
 Germany RHO5   1.30 % Macroaxis: change 1.3 Moved Down  
 Germany RHO   1.94 % Macroaxis: change 1.94 Moved Down  

SHAMARAN Performance

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SHAMARAN Research Report

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Correlation analysis and fundamentals comparison between SHAMARAN PETROL and Novo Nordisk AS

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SHAMARAN vs Competition

SHAMARAN vs. Novo Nordisk AS
SHAMARAN vs. Berkshire Hathaway Inc
SHAMARAN vs. Wells Fargo Company
SHAMARAN vs. Royal Dutch Shell plc
SHAMARAN vs. Nestl
SHAMARAN vs. Nestl
SHAMARAN vs. Roche Holding AG
SHAMARAN vs. Roche Holding AG
SHAMARAN vs. Royal Dutch Shell plc
SHAMARAN vs. Royal Dutch Shell plc

SHAMARAN April 25 2014 Opportunity Range

Information Ratio(0.11)
Maximum Drawdown7.28
Value At Risk(3.57)
Potential Upside3.57
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