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    Equity overlap-studies tool provides you with the Overlap Studies execution environment for running Bollinger Bands study against Equity. Equity overlay technical analysis usually involve calculating upper and lower limits of price movements based on various statistical techniques. Please specify the following input to run this model: Time Period, Deviations up, Deviations down, and MA Type.
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    The Bollinger Bands is very popular indicator that was developed by John Bollinger. It consist of three lines. Investor Education middle band is a simple moving average of its typical price. The upper and lower bands are (N) standard deviations above and below the middle band. The bands widen and narrow when the volatility of the price is higher or lower, respectively. The upper and lower bands can also be interpreted as price targets for Investor Education. When the price bounces off of the lower band and crosses the middle band, then the upper band becomes the price target.. View also all equity analysis

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