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San Gold buy or sell recommendation  

$0.0086  0.0060  230.77%

Investment Horizon


Risk Tolerance

Macroaxis provides San Gold Corporation recommendations only in the context of selected investment horizon and investor attitude towards risk he or she assumes when investing in San Gold. The recommendation algorithm takes into account all of San Gold Corporation available fundamental, technical, and predictive indicators you will find on this site. The advice is provided from San Gold buy-and-hold prospective.
Assuming 30 trading days horizon, and your above average risk tolerance our recommendation regarding San Gold Corporation is 'Strong Sell'.
For the selected time horizon San Gold Corporation has a mean deviation of 153.12, semi deviation of 47.25, standard deviation of 234.61, variance of 55043.33, downside variance of 5031.28 and semi variance of 2232.58

San Gold Greeks

αAlpha over NYSE= 81.24 
βBeta against NYSE=(51.97)
σOverall volatility= 242.93 
 iInformation ratio = 0.35 

San Gold Volatility Alert

San Gold Corporation is showing large volatility of returns over the selected time horizon. We encourage all investors to investigate this asset further to make sure related market timing strategies are aligned with all the expectations about San Gold implied risk. San Gold Corporation is a penny stock. Even though San Gold may be a good instrument to invest, many penny stocks are speculative instruments that are subject to artificial stock promotions. Please make sure you fully understand upside and downside potential of investing in San Gold Corporation or similar risky assets. We encourage investors to look for the signals such us email spams, message board hypes, claims of breakthroughs, volume upswings,sudden promotions and many other similar artificial hype indicators. We also encourage traders to check work history of company executives before investing in high volatility instruments, penny stocks, or equities with microcap classification. You can indeed make money on this equity instrument if you perfectly time your entry and exit. However, remember that penny stocks that has been the subject of an artificial hype usually unable to maintain its increased share price for more than just a few days. The price of a promoted high volatility instrument will almost always revert back. The one and only way to increase shareholder value is through legitimate performance backed up by solid fundamentals.
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FundamentalsSan GoldPeer Average
Return On Equity
(129.25) %
(10.79) %
Return On Asset
(38.51) %
(12.34) %
Profit Margin
(184.97) %
(2.10) %
Operating Margin
(169.42) %
(10.30) %
Current Valuation
61.67 M
247.98 B
Shares Outstanding
373.39 M
421.04 M
Price to Book
0.05 times
8.64 times
Price to Sales
0.03 times
12.79 times
48.1 M
15.45 B
Gross Profit
(78.32 M)
14.25 B
(1.21 M)
1.74 B
Net Income
(88.98 M)
783.92 M
Cash and Equivalents
293.66 K
4.42 B
Cash per Share
0.03 times
5.54 times
Total Debt
58.23 M
9.73 B
Debt to Equity
2.35 times
0.57 times
Current Ratio
0.40 times
3.65 times
Book Value Per Share
0.11 times
17.22 times
Cash Flow from Operations
8.5 M
1.11 B
One Year High
One Year Low
Earnings Per Share
(0.24) times
1.52 times
Market Capitalization
1.87 M
21.31 B
Total Asset
114.26 M
63.31 B
Working Capital
(1.95 M)
3.32 B
Current Asset
10.94 M
20.71 B
Current Liabilities
12.89 M
18.1 B
Strong Sell

Hype Condition

Current Valuation

Odds of Distress

Economic Sensitivity

Analyst Consensus

Currently Unavailable

San Gold Technical Analysis

Risk Adjusted Performance0.2045
Market Risk Adjusted Performance(1.55)
Mean Deviation153.12
Semi Deviation47.25
Downside Deviation70.93
Coefficient Of Variation288.42
Standard Deviation234.61
Information Ratio0.3467
Jensen Alpha81.24
Total Risk Alpha82.12
Sortino Ratio1.15
Treynor Ratio(1.56)
Maximum Drawdown974.0
Value At Risk(80.00)
Potential Upside570.0
Downside Variance5031.28
Semi Variance2232.58
Expected Short fall(246.91)

San Gold Market Momentum

Daily Balance Of Power(9,223,372,036,855)
Rate Of Daily Change0.86
Day Median Price0.01
Day Typical Price0.0095
Price Action Indicator(0.0021)

San Gold Valuation