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GMFL -- USA Etf  

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With this equity back-testing module your can estimate the performance of a buy and hold strategy of GMFL and determine expected loss or profit from investing in GMFL over given investment horizon. Please also check Risk vs Return Analysis.
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Diversify in USA Market
The main assumption in equity investing is that a higher degree of volatility (or risk) means a higher potential (or expected) return on investment. Conversely, investors who take on a low degree of risk have a low expection for return.
Diversify Portfolios
You can create optimal portfolios in USA market or optimize your existing portfolio in one of two ways: 1) For any level of risk, select the one which has the highest expected return. 2) For any expected return, select the one which has the lowest volatility.
Diversify Portfolios
Please also check Risk vs Return Analysis. Please also try Insider Screener module to find insiders across different sectors to evaluate their impact on performance.