What is Macroaxis

Macroaxis is a very sophisticated, yet simple to use personalized wealth optimization service built for self-guided, socially responsible investors. Its beauty is in its simplicity, accessibility, and advanced user experience which means no downloads, no lengthy questionnaires, no plug-ins, no programming, no Excel, and most importantly no waiting. Unique in the industry, the Macroaxis Wealth Optimization Platform delivers measurable value in the form of improved return on investment portfolios of investors of all levels and skills. In short, investors are in control of their investments. All the time!  More...

Why Macroaxis

Very simple! Macroaxis makes it easy for investors to maximize the upside of all their holdings and reduce the risk associated with volatility and/or economic downturns. Macroaxis provides robust efficient probability scenarios for maximizing profits while minimizing losses by providing user-selected risk tolerance default assumptions based on market volatility, past performance, optimized portfolio allocation and related economic event fluctuations. We provide tens of thousands of traders, retirees, finance students, academic investment researchers, Wall Street enthusiasts, wealth managers, personal financial advisers, family estate planners, and over 100,000 novice and amateur investors with tools and techniques used every day by professional money managers. However, we differ in two major categories:

(1)  Our tools are much better and way easier to use
(2)  Our pricing is not only more affordable, it is virtually symbolic
Do not believe us? Just create an account and try it out for 7 days totally free.

Portfolio Research

What we are not

Macroaxis is not a social investing tool, financial micro-blog, 'invest-like-me' platform, or performance piggybacking service. It is not a trading platform, robo-advising service, investment boutique, or wealth management portal. Macroaxis is not limited to the size of a stockroom or the computational boundaries of robo-advising platforms. In fact, since we don't sell anything, we don't even have a stockroom. Rather, we use power of mathematics to analyze your portfolio and offer various tweaks to increase the return on your investment, help to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk. Since Macroaxis is NOT a Financial Adviser and does not sell anything, there's no hidden agenda or biased displays. Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against institutional money managers, private wealth advisers or evolving robo-advising platforms. In fact, they do many things well. However, we also believe that financial practitioners should put investor's interest before their own. Macroaxis provides comprehensive and unbiased analysis of your aggregate holdings, and empowers you to build portfolios that can beat the market in any local economy by enabling you to become your own money manager.

What do you need to know to use Macroaxis?

The Macroaxis Wealth Optimization Platform does not need much introduction or walkthrough. We could put together an educational video; but you can make it on your own, really. Just create an account, create a portfolio, then just click around - "simplicity" is what we are all about. But no matter how self-explanatory our service is, we are dedicated to bringing our growing community of investors a practical portfolio analysis and optimization toolset that no other company can offer. It is our goal to provide investors and institutions with the ability to properly define, analyze and present optimal portfolios that will lead to increases in return on managed assets.

Who is Macroaxis built for?

Macroaxis is built for investors of all levels who are seeking to increase risk-adjusted performance of their portfolios using solid financial models written in the context of traditional fundamental analysis and practical portfolio theory. Regardless of your background, budget, or investment philosophy, you will find our platform and community useful in building optimal portfolios for yourself, your family or your clients.

How does it work?

Macroaxis puts the power of mathematics on your side. We analyze your portfolio using complex mathematical models and algorithms, but make them easy to understand. There is no real person involved in your portfolio analysis. We perform a number of calculations to compute absolute and relative portfolio volatility, correlation between your assets, value at risk, expected return as well as over 100 different fundamental and technical indicators.

  And we do it for tens of thousands of different portfolios, for thousands of our users, which include over 150,000+ tradable stocks, funds, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, from 30+ global markets. When you create your portfolio, we can analyze it and tell you how well you are doing with respect to other investors. Our tools can tell you how much better you can do without increasing your risk. Also you don't need to be a financial guru to understand the results. Everything is presented in an easy to understand format. Macroaxis believes stock market investment is fun and the process of researching and trading should be as enjoyable as the money you make on your investments. You will discover a sense of humor throughout the site, from our tool tips to the error messages. After all, it's not brain surgery, (it is just plain old mathematics) so why not lighten up and laugh a little.

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