iPath US Comparative Analysis Breakdown

STPP -- USA Etf  

USD 29.90  0.20  0.66%

You can use this module to analyze advantages of iPath US technical and fundamental indicators over its peers. Please use the box above to enter up to 4 concurrent symbols you would like to analyze. Use comma (,) to separate each symbol. With this comparative module your can estimate the relative strength of iPath US Treasury Steepener ETN against its competitors. Also please take a look at World Market Map.

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iPath USVanguard TotalSPDR SPVanguard TotaliShares CoreVanguard FTSE
0.20 / 0.66%


 iPath US
0.15 / 0.10%


 Vanguard Total
0.16 / 0.06%


0.19 / 0.24%


 Vanguard Total
0.14 / 0.0497%


 iShares Core
0.24 / 0.56%


 Vanguard FTSE
Market Performance
(Over the last 30 days)
 0 of 100 4 of 100 7 of 100 14 of 100 4 of 100 0 of 100
Probability Of Bankruptcy
(Chance of Financial Distress)
52 %1 %1 %1 %1 %1 %
Price to Book
Equity Positions Weight
Three Year Return
Net Asset
Five Year Return
One Year Return
Bond Positions Weight
Last Dividend Paid
Ten Year Return
Price to Earning
Price to Sales
Day Typical Price
Accumulation Distribution
Market Facilitation Index
Daily Balance Of Power
Rate Of Daily Change
Day Median Price
Price Action Indicator
Coefficient Of Variation
Mean Deviation
Jensen Alpha
Total Risk Alpha
Sortino Ratio
Downside Variance
Standard Deviation
Potential Upside
Treynor Ratio
Maximum Drawdown
Market Risk Adjusted Performance
Risk Adjusted Performance
Semi Deviation
Information Ratio
Value At Risk
Expected Short fall
Downside Deviation
Semi Variance

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Also please take a look at World Market Map. Please also try Equity Forecasting module to use basic forecasting models to generate price predictions and determine price momentum.