Ford Motor Current Asset Over Time

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36.8 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B102.6 B108.5 B116.8 B43.5 B
53.1 B53.1 B53.1 B53.1 B64.9 B70 B81.5 B83.6 B69.4 B76.2 B76.2 B78 B
39.4 B39.4 B39.4 B39.4 B39.4 B39.4 B39.4 B45.6 B47.1 B47.1 B47.1 B47.1 B
3292.4 B4621.2 B4613.7 B4690 B4739.1 B5136.9 B5549.2 B6296.1 B6241.6 B6241.6 B6241.6 B6241.6 B
27.1 M37.2 M30 M74.3 M70 M109 M80 M138.3 M190.9 M190.9 M190.9 M190.9 M
164.1 M164.1 M164.1 M164.1 M164.1 M164.1 M164.1 M128.9 M132.5 M132.5 M132.5 M140.1 M
35.7 B72.3 B55.2 B59 B73 B64.5 B59.3 B52.9 B42.6 B41.4 B41.4 B42.6 B
39.2 B49.3 B55.7 B74.9 B85.1 B101.5 B114.2 B122.8 B139.7 B139.7 B139.7 B139.7 B
53.7 B57.1 B53.7 B57.1 B69 B68.2 B66.7 B69.3 B84.4 B84.4 B84.4 B84.4 B

Ford Motor and related stocks such as General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automo, Honda Motor Co, Kandi Technologies, Daimler AG, Blue Bird, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, American Express Current Assets description

Current assets of Ford Motor Company include cash, cash equivalents, short-term investments, accounts receivable, stock inventory and the portion of prepaid liabilities which will be paid within a year. Depending on the nature of the business, current assets can range from barrels of crude oil, to baked goods, to foreign currency. Current assets are important because they are the assets that are used to fund day-to-day operations of Ford Motor. The current portion of Total Assets; reported if a company operates a classified balance sheet that segments current and non-current assets.

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Ford Motor Company
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Ford Motor Company cannot be verified against its exchange. It appears that Ford Motor is not available for investing at this time. Please verify the symbol is currently traded on BATS Exchange. If you still believe the symbol you are trying to look up is valid please let us know and we will check it as soon as possible.

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