Sprint Earning Before Interest and Taxes EBIT Over Time

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(954 M)(2.7 B)(2 B)(1.8 B)(1.6 B)(2.7 B)(897 M)(1.9 B)328 M328 M328 M385.9 M
12.5 B(1.5 B)21.6 B21.7 B10 B13.6 B31.7 B13.7 B24.5 B24.4 B24.4 B25.7 B
5.8 B5.9 B9.9 B7.5 B5.5 B2.8 B19.9 B17.9 B32.7 B24.9 B24.9 B30.3 B
659.9 M762.3 M1.3 B2.1 B2 B2.6 B1.5 B2.4 B2.6 B2.3 B2.3 B2.6 B
273.2 M651.8 M568.9 M789.5 M903.2 M900.3 M827.8 M858.9 M752 M752 M752 M884.7 M
(139.3 M)267.1 M453.1 M356.8 M432.3 M242.2 M366.8 M(30 M)533 M253 M253 M413.7 M
41.1 M41.1 M41.1 M41.1 M41.1 M41.1 M61.5 M49.9 M152.4 M152.4 M152.4 M179.3 M
(4.3 B)258 M(22 M)(127 M)1000 K359 M578 M892 M925 M1.4 B1.4 B1.2 B

Sprint and related stocks such as UTStarcom Holdings Corp, ATT, Verizon Communications, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Telephone and Data, Zayo Group Holdings, Level 3 Communications, Liberty Broadband Earning Before Interest and Taxes EBIT description

Earnings Before Interest and Tax is calculated by adding Income Tax Expense and Interest Expense back to Net Income.

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S - USA Stock
Sprint Corporation
Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers
RegionNorth America
ExchangeNew York Stock Exchange
Sprint Corporation cannot be verified against its exchange. Apparently, Sprint is not available for investing at this time. Please verify the symbol is currently traded on New York Stock Exchange. If you still believe the symbol you are trying to look up is valid please let us know and we will check it as soon as possible.

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