ATT Earnings before Tax Over Time

T -- USA Stock  

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With this module investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well a as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Also please take a look at ATT Performance and ATT Correlation.

10.9 B(4.8 B)18.2 B18.7 B6.5 B10.2 B27.7 B10.1 B20.4 B19.5 B19.5 B20.9 B
2.5 B4.1 B6.8 B5 B2.7 B215 M17.2 B12.9 B27.7 B20.5 B20.5 B25.4 B
434.4 M560.1 M949 M1.5 B948 M1.2 B224 M1.1 B1.3 B1 B1 B1.2 B
(104.5 M)289.2 M190.7 M267.7 M238 M212.3 M160.8 M162.9 M(361 M)(361 M)(361 M)(424.7 M)
(243 M)127.8 M326.9 M240 M314.1 M155.4 M268 M(141 M)391 M83 M83 M249.5 M
(161.4 M)(161.4 M)(161.4 M)(161.4 M)(161.4 M)(161.4 M)(142 M)(164.1 M)(67.7 M)(67.7 M)(67.7 M)(79.6 M)
(5 B)(312 M)(617 M)(713 M)(715 M)(374 M)(71 M)238 M283 M842 M842 M592.1 M
(173.4 M)(45.7 M)(140.4 M)(193.7 M)(124.3 M)(174.4 M)(57.2 M)(15.7 M)(166.6 M)(166.6 M)(166.6 M)(196 M)
(4.9 B)(4.9 B)(4.9 B)(4.9 B)(4.9 B)(7 B)51 M413 M978 M2.3 B2.3 B1.7 B

ATT and related stocks such as Verizon Communications, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Telephone and Data, Zayo Group Holdings, Level 3 Communications, Liberty Broadband, SBA Communications, T Mobile US Earnings before Tax description

Earnings Before Tax is calculated by adding Income Tax Expense back to Net Income.

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T - USA Stock
Telecommunications, Diversified Telecommunications
RegionNorth America
ExchangeBATS Exchange
Also please take a look at ATT Performance and ATT Correlation. Please also try Price Transformation module to use price transformation models to analyze depth of different equity instruments across global markets.