Sprint Property Plant and Equipment Net Over Time

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With this module investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well a as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Also please take a look at Sprint Performance and Sprint Correlation.

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187 M209.1 M175.3 M130.6 M4.8 M12.2 M8.9 M4.8 M3 M1.5 M1.5 M1.5 M1.8 M
49.8 B95.9 B99.1 B99.5 B103.2 B107.1 B109.8 B111 B112.9 B124.5 B124.9 B124.9 B131.2 B
74.4 B85.3 B86.5 B92 B87.7 B88.4 B88.6 B89 B89.9 B83.5 B84.8 B84.8 B88.6 B
2.7 B3.1 B2.9 B9.1 B8.8 B19.4 B18.9 B18.6 B18.4 B18.1 B17 B17 B18.5 B
4.5 B3.3 B3.2 B3.1 B7.6 B7.5 B7.5 B7.3 B8.6 B8.5 B8.5 B8.5 B10 B
2.5 B3.5 B3.6 B3.5 B3.5 B3.8 B4.2 B3.9 B3.9 B3.8 B3.6 B3.6 B3.9 B
2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B2.8 B3.3 B4.1 B4.1 B4.1 B4.8 B
6.9 B6.7 B6.2 B5.7 B5.3 B8.1 B8.2 B8.2 B9.9 B9.9 B10.1 B10.1 B10.5 B

Sprint and related stocks such as UTStarcom Holdings Corp, T, Verizon Communications, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Telephone and Data, Zayo Group Holdings, Level 3 Communications, Liberty Broadband Property Plant and Equipment Net description

A component of Total Assets representing the amount after accumulated depreciation, depletion and amortization of physical assets used in the normal conduct of business to produce goods and services and not intended for resale.

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S - USA Stock
Sprint Corporation
Fama & French Communication
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Also please take a look at Sprint Performance and Sprint Correlation. Please also try Analyst Recommendations module to analyst recommendations and target price estimates broken down by several categories.