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383.6 K410.9 K435.1 K466.2 K494.2 K525.1 K529.8 K523.5 K521.6 K609.5 K609.5 K595.3 K
433.6 K433.6 K483.7 K548.2 K571.8 K629.9 K681.8 K716.7 K740.7 K780.8 K811 K837.8 K
409.2 K406.2 K404.9 K402.2 K421.2 K440.6 K466.8 K472.6 K497.7 K494.2 K494.2 K522 K
742.4 K742.4 K742.4 K742.4 K742.4 K742.4 K742.4 K734.9 K532.6 K532.6 K532.6 K626.5 K
639.1 K809.3 K723.5 K663.8 K397.5 K588.8 K631.3 K502 K658.3 K646.8 K646.8 K686.9 K
661.6 K755.4 K900.3 K870.3 K857.7 K931 K1.2 M1.2 M1.3 M1.3 M1.3 M1.5 M
610.5 K610.5 K610.5 K610.5 K610.5 K610.5 K610.5 K657 K641.1 K641.1 K641.1 K754.2 K
466.1 K482.3 K458.5 K495.8 K516.5 K531 K556.2 K666.6 K628.5 K598.1 K598.1 K645.5 K

ATT and related stocks such as Verizon Communications, Telephone and Data, Zayo Group Holdings, Level 3 Communications, Liberty Broadband, SBA Communications, T Mobile US, Mondelez International, American Express Revenue Per Employee description

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TGT - USA Stock
Target Corporation
Consumer, Diversified Wholesale And Retail
RegionNorth America
ExchangeNew York Stock Exchange
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