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ACERINOX insider: Alvaro Eguren


Alvaro Eguren - ACERINOX Insider Profile

CEO of Acerol Portugal

We currently do not have informatin regarding Alvaro Eguren. This executive tanure with ACERINOX is not currenlty determined.

Other Appointments

Acerinox SAANIOYUnited States OTC
Acerinox SAANIOYUnited States OTC
Acerinox SAANIOFUnited States OTC
Acerinox SAANIOFUnited States OTC

Entity Summary

ACERINOX [ACX] is traded on Madrid SE C.A.T.S. in Spain. and employs 55 people.

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Spain Stock
Currency: EUR - Euro
Traded on Madrid SE C.A.T.S.

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ACERINOX Leadership

Jose Terreros, CEO
Carlos Vicuna, Director
Oswald Gomez, Director
Hildegard Poitz, CEO
Luis Gayoso, Director
Clemente Ara, Director
Fernando Monteiro, CEO
Jan Gjerlaug, CEO
Barbara Thirion, CEO
Jose Aranda, CEO
Oscar Fanjul, Director
Joachim Maas, CEO
Pablo Cornejo, CEO
Hernan Avendano, CEO
Santos Gutierrez-Barquin, Director
Yukio Nariyoshi, Director
Patrik Kachchhi, CEO
Manuel Gamoneda, CEO
Alfredo Vertiz, Director
Dave Martin, CEO
Ignacio Narvarte, Director
Oscar Martin, Director
Philippe Audeon, CEO
Braulio Camara, Director, Ph.D
Domingo Diaz, CEO
Geoffrey Hale, CEO
Butyrin Roman, CEO
Miguel Torres, CFO
Bengt Lagergren, CEO
Angel Cea, CEO
Benjamin Flores, CEO
Jose Garcia, CEO
Jose Mendiola, Director
Pilar Garcia, CEO
Alvaro Lopez, Executive
Ryo Hattori, Director
Pedro Quintana, Director
Daniel Gunther, CEO
Alvaro Eguren, CEO
Luis Robles, CEO
Luis Valledor, Executive
Jaime Sanz, Director
Rafael Olmedo, Chairman
Antonio Martinez, Director
Diego Perez-Seoane, Director
Gonzalo Barcon, CEO
Jorge Navas, CEO
Jaan Arroyo, CEO
Antonio Zorrilla, Director
Cristobal Tovar, CEO
Manuel Gutierrez, Director
Bernardo Herreros, CEO
Belen Garcia, Director
Mvuleni Qhena, Director
Alejandro Mas, Director
Jorge Rovira, CTO
Lucien Matthews, CEO
Barry Foo, CEO
Giovanni Carli, CEO
Roger Mansfield, CEO
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Stock Performance

Number of Employees55
Probability Of Bankruptcy75.00 %