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Chairman, CEO and President Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer
Peter Vaisler was the President, CEO and Director of Alliance Recovery Corporationrationration since inception November 2001. On February 11, 2005, he became the company principal financial officer and principal accounting officer. Since 1995, Mr. Vaisler and a team of third party engineers and scientists have been working to develop the ARC Unit by integrating existing manufacturing and energy components into a single process system to thermally reduce waste rubber to a fuel oil for use as a feedstock to generate electricity. Using knowledge gleaned from research and development projects by several U.S. and international groups, Mr. Vaisler and his team applied existing chemical manufacturing processes to thermally reduce rubber to fuel oil for energy production. A byproduct of the ARC thermal reduction of rubber to fuel oil is a commercial grade of carbon black. Mr. Vaisler and his team also developed and implemented strategies related to site selection, regulatory affairs, permitting and communications with a view to refining the business concept to the point that installation of the ARC Unit could be accomplished in various U.S. jurisdictions. Mr. Vaisler managed the engineering team and coordinated design and fabrication activities addressing technical refinements to the integration of offtheshelf system components that will be purchased by Alliance for the first installation
Age: 61  Chairman Since 2005      
Vaisler obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1974.

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Alliance Recovery Corporation, a development stage company, develops resource recovery technologies to convert industrial and other waste materials into fuel oil, gases, and other commodities. Alliance Recovery Corporation was incorporated in 2001 and is based in Wilmington, Delaware. Alliance Recovery is traded on BATS Exchange in USA.Alliance Recovery [ARVY] is traded as part of a regulated electronic over-the-counter service offered by the NASD.

Alliance Recovery Management Team

David Williams, Director
Walter Martin, Director
Peter Vaisler, Chairman

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