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Mr. Akiyoshi Koji was serving as President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. since March 2018. He joined the Company in April 1975. He previously served as Director of Human Resources Strategy, Executive Officer, Managing Director and Managing Executive Officer in the Company. He also used to serve Managing Director, Chief Director of Planning and Senior Managing Director in its subsidiary, ASAHI SOFT DRINK CO., Ltd.
Age: 65  Director Since 2018      

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Asahi Group Holdings Ltd (ASBRY) is traded on OTC Market in USA. and employs 20 people.

Asahi Group Holdings Leadership Team

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Ryoichi Kitagawa, Executive
Yutaka Henmi, Executive
Kaoru Sakata, Executive
Manabu Sami, Executive
Yukitaka Fukuda, Executive
Noboru Kagami, Director

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