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Consumer Lending and Finance Officer, Member of the Executive Board

Mr. Edmar Jose Casalatina serves as Director of Micro and Small Enterprises at Banco do Brasil S.A. He was Consumer Lending and Finance Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Banco do Brasil S.A.
Age: 55  Executive Since 2016      
55 61 3493 1082  http://www.bb.com.br

Management Efficiency

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of 0.92 % which means that it generated profit of $0.92 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of 13.53 % meaning that it generated $13.53 on every $100 dollars invested by stockholders.
The company has accumulated 193.31 B in total debt.

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Entity Summary

Banco do Brasil S.A. provides banking products and services for individuals, companies, and public sectors in Brazil and internationally. Banco do Brasil S.A. was founded in 1808 and is headquartered in Braslia, Brazil. Banco do is traded on OTC Market in USA.Banco do Brasil S A (BDORY) is traded on OTC Market in USA. It is located in Setor de Autarquias Norte and employs 99,161 people.

Banco do Brasil Leadership Team

Ives Fulber, Executive
Joao Maia, President
Leonardo Reis, CFO
Paulo Caffarelli, President
Nelson Barbosa, Chairman
Edmar Casalatina, Executive
Sandro Marcondes, Director
Edson Costa, Executive
Carlos Bonetti, Executive
Francisco Gaetani, Director
Raul Moreira, Executive
Aldemir Bendine, CEO, MBA
Eduardo Guardia, Chairman
Alberto Netto, President
Edson Cardozo, Director
Luiz Santos, Director
Walter Malieni, President
Marvio Freitas, Executive
Daniel Sigelmann, Director
Cicero Przendsiuk, Director
Juliana Oliveira, Director
Marcelo Labuto, Executive, MBA
Marco Castro, Director
Nilson Moreira, Director, MBA
Alexandre Souza, Director
Adilson Anisio, Executive
Ilton Schwaab, Executive
Carlos Santos, Executive
Carlos Araujo, President
Hayton Rocha, Executive
Jose Ferreira, CEO
Adriana Carvalho, Director
Bernardo Macedo, Director
Rogerio Panca, Executive
Janio Macedo, Executive
Jose Coelho, Executive
Marco Mastroeni, Executive
Marcos Lot, Executive, MBA
Wilsa Figueiredo, Executive
Jose Silva, Executive
Otaviano Campos, Executive
Fabiano Fontes, Director
Sergio Mendonca, Director
Robson Rocha, President, MBA
Henrique Jaeger, Director
Alexandre Abreu, CEO, MBA
Antonio Bezerra, Chairman
Bernardo Rothe, Director, MBA
Tarcisio Godoy, Director
Gustavo Sousa, Executive
Marcio Ferreira, Executive
Paulo Ricci, SVP, MBA
Carlos Neri, Executive, MBA
Jose Minchillo, Director
Jose Pereira, President
Eduardo Pasa, Executive
Luiz Ligabue, Executive
Fabricio Soller, Chairman
Miguel Mattos, Director
Leonardo Loyola, CFO
Fernando Campos, Director
Antonio Maurano, Executive
Ivan Monteiro, President, MBA
Antonio Machado, Executive
Luis Cavicchioli, Executive
Admilson Garcia, Executive
Manoel Pires, Chairman
Marco Costa, Director
Hideraldo Leitao, Executive
Clenio Teribele, Executive, MBA
Benito Santos, President
Gustavo Fosse, Director
Simao Kovalski, Executive
Adriano Ricci, Executive
Sergio Peres, Executive
Marco Mendonca, Director
Carlos Netto, Executive
Julio Oliveira, President
Cesar Borges, President
Osmar Dias, President
Sandro Franco, Executive, MBA
Marco Barros, Executive, MBA
Tarcisio Hubner, Executive
Beny Parnes, Director
Gustavo Barros, Executive
Luiz Freitas, Executive, MBA
Reinaldo Yokoyama, Director
Geraldo Silva, Executive, MBA
Renato Azevedo, CEO
Marcio Moral, Executive
Joao Rabelo, Executive
Gueitiro Genso, Executive
Jose Bergo, Director
Hamilton Silva, Executive

Stock Performance Indicators

Current Sentiment - BDORY

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