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Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SpA -- Italy Stock  

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Head of Financial Markets

We currently do not have informatin regarding Umberto Guagnozzi. This executive tanure with Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SpA is not currenlty determined.
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Management Efficiency

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of (4.06) % which means that it has lost $4.06 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of (36.68) % meaning that it generated substantial loss on money invested by shareholders.
The company has accumulated 279 M in total debt.

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Entity Summary

Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni S.p.A. Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SpA (BIM) is traded on Milan Stock Exchange in Italy. It is located in Via Gramsci, Turin, TO and employs 604 people.
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Top Management

Banca Intermobiliare di Leadership Team
Cristiano Carrus, Director
Silvia Rachela, Director
Umberto Gherardini, Executive
Silvia Moretto, Director
Lucio Icardi, Executive
Michele Odello, Director
Massimo Angeli, Director
Cristiano Antonelli, Director
Maria Pignier, Director
Daniela Toscani, Director
Giuseppina Rodighiero, Director
Giorgio Girelli, CEO
Mauro Valesani, Director
Armando Bressan, Director
Anna Chiodaroli, Director
Stefano Piantelli, Executive
Stefano Campoccia, Director
Paolo Copiatti, Executive
Mauro Iacobuzio, Executive
Stefano Ballarini, Executive
Emilia Montepiano, Director
Roberto Contini, Executive
Stefano Ambrosini, Chairman
Antonio Mongelli, Executive
Simona Heidempergher, Director
Lucia Martinoli, Executive
Cataldo Piccarreta, Executive
Maurizio Lauri, Chairman
Aldo Martinale, Executive
Simona Caprioglio, Executive
Pierluigi Bolla, Chairman, Ph.D
Giampaolo Provaggi, Chairman
Massimo Rigotti, Director
Luigi Chirolli, Executive
Franco Amato, Executive
Barbara Malagutti, Director
Davide Monesi, Executive
Stefano Grassi, Executive
Elena Bruschi, Executive
Paolo Ciccarelli, Director
Umberto Guagnozzi, Executive
Alessandro Potesta, Director
Gregorio Milanesi, Executive
Angelo Beatrici, Executive
Pietro DAgui, Chairman
Maurizio Benvenuto, Director
Paolo Monticelli, Executive
Lorenzo Maggiora, Executive
Mauro Cortese, Director
Alessandra Pigner, Director
Lucio Menestrina, Executive
Flavio Trinca, Chairman
Enrico Fejles, Executive
Carlo Garavaglia, Director
Giuseppe Cais, Executive
Claudia Biesta, Executive
Mia Callegari, Director

Stock Performance

Banca Intermobiliare Performance Indicators