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BNP Paribas insider: Fabio Gallia BNP Paribas insider:  Fabio Gallia

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Head of the BNP Paribas Group in Italy, CEO and General Manager of BNL bc, Member of the Executive Committee

Mr. Fabio Gallia has served as CEO and General Manager of BNL bc Member of the Executive Committee at BNP Paribas SA as of September 1 2008 and is also the Head of the BNP Paribas Group in Italy as of May 2012. After graduating in economics from the Universita degli Studi di Torino Mr. Gallia began his career at the consulting firm Accenture. He then spent 12 years at Giubergia Ersel Group. During these years he held the position of Investments Director and subsequently became Partner and CEO
  CEO Since 2012      
33 1 49 46 62 54

Other Appointments

BNP Paribas SABNPQFUnited States OTCCEO
BNP Paribas SABNPQYUnited States OTCCEO
BNP Paribas SABNPQYUnited States OTCCEO
Fabio Gallia EducationGallia began his career in the banking industry in 2002 when he joined Capitalia. In 2002, as Deputy Director General of Capitalia, he was responsible for Group Integrated Finance and Wealth Management. The following year he was appointed CoGeneral Manager with responsibility for the Commercial Group Policy. From September 2003 to 2005 he was also CEO of Fineco, a bank listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, which was then incorporated in the Capitalia Group. In August 2005, he became CEO of Banca di Roma and Chairman of the Management Committee of Capitalia, positions he held until 2007, when the merger with UniCredit Group took place. During this period, Mr. Gallia was also Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of Capitalia Asset Management SGR, member of the Boards of Directors of CNP Capitalia Vita, Borsa Italiana and MTS and member of the Steering Committee of Assogestioni. He joined the BNP Paribas Group in October 2007

Entity Summary

JeanLaurent Bonnaf, 51Chief Exec. Officer, Director and Member of Exec. Committee2.64MN/AMr. Philippe Bordenave, Chief Operating Officer and Member of Exec. Committee143.00KN/AMr. Fran Villeroy de Galhau, 53Chief Operating Officer, Head of Domestic Markets and Member of Exec. Committee118.00KN/AMr. Georges Chodron de Courcel, 62Chief Operating Officer and Member of Exec. Committee1.87MN/AMr. JeanMarie Gianno, 60Admin. Director, Director and Member of Internal Control, Risk Management & Compliance Committee59.00KN/ABNP Paribas SA [BNPQF] is a Pink Sheet which is traded between brokers over the counter.

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BNP Paribas SA Leadership

Stephane Marnhac, Executive
Marie-Claire Capobianco, Executive
Baudouin Prot, Chairman
Thierry Laborde, Executive
Thierry Mouchard, Director
Pierre-Andre Chalendar, Director
Marion Guillou, Director, Ph.D
Maxime Jadot, Chairman
Philippe Bordenave, CEO
Fields Wicker-Miurin, Director
Denis Kessler, Director, Ph.D
Jean Lemierre, Chairman
Jean-Laurent Bonnafe, CEO
Laurence Parisot, Director
Eric Raynaud, Executive
Eric Lombard, Executive, MBA
Thierry Varene, Chairman
Alain Papiasse, COO, CPA
Michel Pebereau, Chairman
Christophe Margerie, Director
Georges Courcel, CEO
Emiel Broekhoven, Director
Stefaan Decraene, Executive
Michel Konczaty, Executive
Jean-Francois Lepetit, Director
Daniela Weber-Rey, Director
Monique Cohen, Director
Daniela Schwarzer, Director
Helene Ploix, Director
Yann Gerardin, Executive
Lars Machenil, CFO, Ph.D
Michel Tilmant, Director
Eric Martin, Managing Director
Frederic Janbon, Executive
Jacques dEstais, COO
Nicole Misson, Director
Fabio Gallia, CEO
Franck Roncey, Executive
Francois Galhau, CEO
Jean Clamon, Managing Director
Jane Wicker-Miurin, Director
Yves Martrenchar, Executive

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