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Mr. Zhiqin You was serving as Deputy General Manager in Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. since December 1, 2016. He holds a Master degree in Information Sciences from National Central University, Taiwan. He is also Director in AlcatelLucent and HongHwa International Corporationration
  Executive Since 2016      
886 2 2344 5488  http://www.cht.com.tw

Management Efficiency

The company has Return on Asset of 6.13 % which means that on every $100 spent on asset it made $6.13 of profit. This is considered to be average in the sector. In the same way, it shows return on shareholders equity (ROE) of 10.69 % implying that it generated $10.69 on every 100 dollars invested.
The company has 55.19 M in debt with debt to equity (D/E) ratio of 0.4 which is OK given its current industry classification. Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd has Current Ratio of 1.12 demonstrating that it is in a questionable position to pay out its financial commitments when the payables are due.

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Entity Summary

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. provides telecommunication services in Taiwan. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom operates under Telecom Services classification in USA and traded on BATS Exchange.Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd (CHT) is traded on BATS Exchange in USA. It is located in TAIWAN PROVINCE OF CHINA and employs 32,734 people. Chunghwa Telecom is listed under Communication category by Fama And French industry classification.

Chunghwa Telecom Leadership Team

Jiaxing Li, General Manager-Operation Division
Dexing Rao, General Manager-Operating Division
ChiMau Sheih, Executive Deputy General Manager
Ruixu Qiu, Deputy General Manager
Boyong Chen, CFO, Executive Deputy General Manager
Yiping Lin, Director
Jiacun Xu, General Manager-Operating Division
Zhongjin Lu, Independent Director
Hongcan Ma, Deputy General Manager
Baoshan Hong, General Manager-Operating Division
Hanliang Yin, General Manager-Operation Division
Wencheng Chen, General Manager-Operation Division
Tiancai Su, Deputy General Manager
Tang Zhang, General Manager-Operation Division
Mingfang Li, Director
Zhiqin You, General Manager of Operating
HsiuGu Huang, Executive Deputy General Manager
Baojin Zhang, Deputy General Manager
Ruifu Hu, General Manager of Operating
Xiangyi Chen, Executive Deputy General Manager
Zhongguang Chen, Deputy General Manager
FuKuei Chung, Executive Deputy General Manager
Shujuan Huang, Director
Meihui Qu, Deputy General Manager
Jimao Xie, Executive Deputy General Manager
Huanglong Hong, General Manager-Operation Division
Shizhong Zhang, Director
Wenzhi Lin, Deputy General Manager
WeiMing Chang, Director
MuHan Wang, Director
Zhifu Fan, Director
Shizhang Hong, Deputy General Manager
Zhengyuan Zhang, Director
Huifen Cai, Deputy General Manager
Benyan Xiao, General Manager of Operating
YihYu Lei, Director
LoYu Yen, Independent Director
Tianzhi Chen, Independent Director
Rongci Lin, Deputy General Manager
MingYuan Lee, General Manager-Branch
Mingyuan Li, Deputy General Manager-Southern Area Branch
KuoLong Wu, Independent Director
Fucai Jiang, General Manager-Operation Division
Weiming Zhang, Director
Shenghong Zhang, General Manager-Operation Division
Minqing Zheng, General Manger-Branch
Shipeng Cai, Director
Qiubin Lai, General Manager of Operating
KuoFeng Lin, General Manager-Branch
Shuiyi Guo, Deputy General Manager
YungFong Song, Executive Deputy General Manager
Mingshi Chen, General Manager-Branch
ChihCheng Chien, General Manager-Branch
Gezhi Huang, General Manager-Operation Division
MingChing Cheng, General Manager-Branch
YuanKuang Tu, General Manager-Branch
YiBing Lin, Director
Yongjian Mao, General Manager-Operation Division
Yaoqing Cai, General Manager of Operating
Yuanguang Tu, General Manager of Branch
Zhigu Fan, Director
ShyangYih Chen, Executive Deputy General Manager-Operation
Yiqing Chen, Deputy General Manager
Zhihong Cai, Independent Director
HongChan Ma, General Manager-Branch
Junjie Li, General Manager-Operation Division
Ruichang Xu, Deputy General Manager
Congfan Wu, Independent Director
Yongzhi Zhang, General Manager of Operating
Guangjun Xie, General Manager-Operation Division
Jiri Luo, Deputy General Manager
Zhaoyang Lin, General Manager-Operating Division
BoYung Chen, CFO, Executive Deputy General Manager
Yuncai Zhou, Independent Director
Jintu Lin, General Manager-Operation Division
Maolin Li, General Manager-Operating Division
Jinjun Jian, General Manager-Operating Division
ChungYu Wang, Independent Director
YunTsai Chou, Independent Director
Guofeng Lin, General Manager of Operating
Daican Ye, General Manager-Operating Division
SuGhen Huang, Director
Wusong Gao, Deputy General Manager
ChiMao Hsieh, General Manager, Director
JenRan Chen, Independent Director
ShuiYi Kuo, Executive Deputy General Manager
Ceshen Cai, Director
Zhongyu Wang, Independent Director
ShihPeng Tsai, Director
YuFen Lin, Independent Director
Fugui Zhong, General Manager of Branch
Huibao Huang, General Manager-Operation Division
Zhiqiang Fan, Director
ChihKu Fan, Director
ShinYi Chang, Director
Xuhui He, Deputy General Manager
Yu Cheng, Chairman of the Board
MuPiao Shih, General Manager, Director
Yiyu Lei, Director
Nianyi Liu, General Manager-Operation Division
Shufan Chen, General Manager of Operating
LiShow Wu, Executive Deputy General Manager
Baoshu Wu, Director
Yufen Hong, Director
Jiyuan Guo, General Manager of Operating
ChichChiang Fan, Director
Mubiao Shi, General Manager, Director
Xiugu Huang, General Manager of Operating
LihShyng Tsai, Chairman of the Board, CEO
ChungFern Wu, Independent Director
Cunshen Xiao, General Manager-Operation Division
Jinkun Lin, General Manager-Operation Division
Zhaofu Lai, General Manager-Operation Division
Qingqi Xu, General Manager of Operating
Minggang Zheng, Deputy General Manager
ChinTsai Pan, Director
Xuelan Wu, Director
Kunquan Wu, General Manager of Operating
TainJy Chen, Independent Director
Ruda Yang, General Manager-Operation Division
Lixing Cai, Chairman of the Board, CEO
Zhengxiong Cai, Director
Shiqin Li, Deputy General Manager
Lixiu Wu, Deputy General Manager
TianTsair Su, Executive Deputy General Manager
Qingquan Wang, General Manager-Operating Division
Xuehai Hu, General Manager-Operating Division
Zhicheng Jian, General Manager-Branch
Wenwang Zeng, Deputy General Manager
Shuling Chen, Deputy General Manager
Qingpei Chen, General Manager-Operating Division
Qixiong Wu, General Manager of Operating
Huimin Wang, General Manager-Branch
MingShih Chen, General Manager-Branch
Zhiqiang Guo, General Manager of Operating
Yunfeng Li, Executive Deputy General Manager-Investment
Hongzhao Tang, General Manager of Operating
Xinyi Zhang, Director
ZseHong Tsai, Independent Director
Guitian Liu, General Manager of Operating

Stock Performance Indicators

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