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Deputy General Manager
Mr. Cai Zonghan was serving as Senior Deputy General Manager in Cathay Financial Holding Co. Ltd. since April 27 2011. He is also Senior Deputy General Manager and Director in Cathay United Bank Company Limited Director in Cathay Century Insurance Co. Ltd. and another company as well as Deputy General Manager in another company. He holds a Ph.D. in Law from Georgetown University the United States.
  Executive Since 2011  Ph.D    

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Cathay Financial Holding Co Ltd (CHYFF) is traded on OTC Market in USA. and employs 63 people.

Cathay Financial Hol Leadership Team

Mingjian Guo, Director, MBA
Bocang Xie, Executive
Hongtu Cai, Chairman, Ph.D
Changgeng Li, Director, MBA
HsiaoYuan Ching, Executive
TiaoKuei Huang, Director
ChungYi Teng, Executive, MBA
ChangKen Lee, Director, MBA
Minghe Xiong, Director
Deyan Weng, Executive, MBA
ShangChi Liu, Executive
Chaoxiang Lin, Executive
Grace Chen, CFO, MBA
Jeff Chang, Director
TaChing Hung, Executive, MBA
Zhifeng Wang, Executive
PoTsang Hsieh, Executive
Xiaoyun Jin, Executive
Chongyi Deng, Executive
ChingLu Huang, Executive
Daqing Hong, Executive
ChengChiu Tsai, Director
YuChin Cheng, Executive
ChaoHsiang Lin, Executive, MBA
TzungHan Tsai, Executive, Ph.D
HsiangHsin Tsai, Executive, MBA
ChihFong Wang, Executive
MinHoung Hong, Director, Ph.D
Weizheng Li, Executive
MingJian Kuo, Director, MBA
David Sun, Executive, MBA
ChengTa Tsai, Director
JianHsing Wu, Executive
Shunyu Zhuang, Director, MBA
Shuguang Zhang, Executive
TsuPei Chen, Director
Tiaogui Huang, Director
HongTu Tsai, Chairman, Ph.D
ChiaSheng Chang, Executive, Ph.D
FengChiang Miau, Director, MBA
Judie Hsu, Executive
Zupei Chen, Director
Francis Peng, Executive, MBA
ChiWei Joong, Director
Shuying Wu, Executive, MBA
Jiwei Zhong, Director
Zhenqiu Cai, Director
Peter Kwok, Director, Ph.D
Shufen Cheng, Executive
Sophia Cheng, Executive
Zongxian Cai, Executive
Yongdu Wei, Director
Xi Zhang, Director
Yan Guo, Director
DehYen Weng, Executive, MBA
Yanru Chen, CFO, MBA
Qingyuan Huang, Director
Zhengda Cai, Director
Alan Lee, Executive
MingHo Hsiung, Director
Zonghan Cai, Executive, Ph.D
TsingYuan Hwang, Director
ChingYuan Kung, Executive
TsungHsien Tsai, Executive

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