Zhaocheng Chen - COMPAL ELEC Insider

Executive Deputy General Manager, Director

Chen Zhaocheng was serving as Executive Deputy General Manager and Director in Compal Electronics Inc. since June 20 2014. Chen is also Chairman of the Board in four Nanjingbased companies as well as Director in other three companies.
  Director Since 2014      

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COMPAL ELEC 144A ADR (CMPCY) is traded on OTC Market in USA. and employs 105 people.

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Top Management

COMPAL ELEC 144A Leadership Team
ChungHsing Tan, Executive
Zongming Wang, Executive
Peiyuan Chen, Executive
Longhua Shen, Executive
ChaoCheng Chen, Director
ChihChuan Cheng, Executive
MengHsiung Nieh, Executive
ChiuRui Wei, Executive, MBA
YungHe Su, Executive
Jiongqi Xu, Director
Zhaocheng Chen, Director
BoHeng Chen, Executive
Xinxiong Huang, Executive
Zhenchang Xu, Executive, MBA
TaChun Wang, Executive
Sean Maloney, Director
WeiCheng Chen, Executive
ShihAn Li, Executive
Wenbin Xu, Managing Director
Junde Shen, Executive
ChinWen Liao, Executive
ChingHsiung Lu, Executive
Yongnan Zhang, Executive, MBA
HsinKung Mao, Executive, MBA
Duei Tsai, Director
ShengHsiun Hsu, Chairman
Qingxiong Lu, Executive
JuiChun Hsu, Executive, Ph.D
Jixiang Ma, Executive
Mingxing Xu, Executive
ChungPin Wong, Director
Boxiong Zhang, Executive
Ying Chang, Executive, MBA
Tianyuan Cai, Executive
YenChia Chou, Director
Min Hsuan, Director
YueChun Li, Executive
MingHsing Hsu, Executive
Ruicong Chen, Managing Director
YiChiang Chiu, Executive
MingDong Wong, Executive, MBA
ChiaoLieh Huang, Executive
ChihWei Wen, Executive
Yiyun Zhang, Executive
YungNan Chang, Executive, MBA
ChenChang Hsu, Executive, MBA
ChinHsien Liang, Executive
Xiguan Chen, Executive
BoHsiung Chang, Executive
Ying Zhang, Executive, MBA
JuiTsung Chen, Managing Director
YungChing Chang, Director
Yonghe Su, Executive
MingHsiang Kan, Executive, MBA
FuChuan Chang, Executive
ChunDe Shen, Executive
ChiungChi Hsu, Director
Yongqing Zhang, Director
Guochuan Chen, Executive
WenDa Hsu, Executive
LungHua Shen, Executive
Zongbin Weng, Director
Shenghua Peng, Executive
John Medica, Chairman, MBA
MingChih Chang, Executive
Fuquan Zhang, Executive
YiYun Chang, Executive
Lequn Li, Executive
HsinHsiung Huang, Executive
Zhixian Liang, Executive
ShyhYong Shen, Director, MBA
Xingong Mao, Executive
Mingxiang Gan, Executive, MBA
FeiLong Chen, Executive, Ph.D
TianYuan Tsai, Executive
Mingzhi Xuan, Director
Zhongxing Tan, Executive
HsiKuan Chen, Executive
CharngChyi Ko, Director
Dui Cai, Director
ChiHsiang Ma, Executive
Lingsheng Wu, Executive
MingDong Weng, Executive
ShengHung Li, Executive
Weichang Chen, Executive
ShihTung Wang, Executive
Mengxiong Nie, Executive
Shengxiong Xu, Chairman, Ph.D
KuoChuan Chen, Executive
Shitong Wang, Executive
Duh Tsai, Director
Jiaolie Huang, Executive
Wenda Xu, Executive
Mingsong Lin, Executive
ShihHung Huang, Executive
Zhiquan Zheng, Executive
Wenzhong Shen, Director
WenBeing Hsu, Managing Director
Botang Wang, Executive
ShengChieh Hsu, Director
Qiurui Wei, Executive, MBA
Dugong Cai, Director
WenChung Shen, Director
Jinwen Liao, Executive
ChingFa Li, Executive, Ph.D
Shenghong Li, Executive
MingSung Lin, Executive

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