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Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Executive Board
Ms. Olga Jovanna Carranza Salazar has served as Chief Commercial Officer and a Member of the Executive Board of Companhia Energetica do Ceara since November 23 2007. She has worked for Enersis group since 1996 and joined Edelnor in 1996 working as Head of the Investment Control Department and Normalization Project. In March 1998 she was transferred to Colombia working as Head of Commercial Register of Clients and Measurement Quality and Loss Control. In March 2003 she was transferred to Brazil taking over the Management Control administration and subsequently the Normalization. She gained a degree in Economics from the Universidad de Lima and a Masters of Business Administration in Corporationrationrate Management from Fundacao Getulio Vargas .
Age: 40  Executive Since 2007      

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CIA ENERGET CEARA (COCE6) is traded on Sao Paolo Stock Exchange in Brazil. and employs 20 people.


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