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Mr. Felipe Alves Costa serves as a Member of the Executive Board of CR2 Empreendimentos Imobiliarios SA. In 1994, he joined BBM where he worked as a Controller. In 2001, he joined Souza Cruz SA, where he was a Financial Manager. In 2003, he joined Fiducia Asset Management as a Partner, a post he held till 2005. He joined the Company in 2007. He graduated in Production Engineering from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro in 1996 and gained a Master in Administration from The Coppead Graduate School of Business in 2001.

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CRDE3F (CRDE3F) is traded on Sao Paolo Stock Exchange in Brazil. and employs 11 people.

CRDE3F Leadership Team

Eduardo Bittencourt, Independent Director
Carlos Valente, CEO, Vice Chairman of the Board, Member of the Executive Board
Andre Vasques, CEO, CTO, Director of Investor Relations
Luiz Resende, Independent Director
Felipe Costa, Member of the Executive Board
Pedro Ferreira, Independent Director
Amin Murad, Independent Director
Monique Cezar, Legal Officer, Member of the Executive Board

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