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Independent Trustees

Mr. Emerson U. Fullwood is Independent Trustees of Vanguard Funds. He is Executive Chief Staff and Marketing Officer for North America and Corporationrationrate Vice President of Xerox Corporationrationration Director of SPX Corporationrationration, the United Way of Rochester, the Boy Scouts of America, Amerigroup Corporationrationration, and Monroe Community College Foundation.
Age: 68  Executive Since 2008      

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Emerson Fullwood over three months ago via Macroaxis 
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Entity Summary

The investment seeks to track the performance of an index of extended-duration zero-coupon U.S. Vanguard Extended is traded on Mexico Stock Exchange in Mexico.Vanguard Extended Duration Trs ETF (EDV) is traded on Mexico Stock Exchange in Mexico. It is located in and employs 12 people.

Vanguard Extended Du Leadership Team

JoAnn Heisen, Executive
Emerson Fullwood, Executive
Heidi Stam, Executive
Kathryn Hyatt, Executive
Alfred Rankin, Executive
Rajiv Gupta, Executive
Thomas Higgins, CFO
William McNabb, Chairman
Amy Gutmann, Executive
Peter Volanakis, Executive
Andre Perold, Executive
Joseph Loughrey, Executive

ETF Performance Indicators

Current Sentiment - EDV

Vanguard Extended Du Investor Sentiment
Macroaxis portfolio users are insensible in their opinion about investing in Vanguard Extended Duration Trs ETF. What is your outlook on investing in Vanguard Extended Duration Trs ETF? Are you bullish or bearish?
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Pair Correlation

Equities Pair Trading Analysis
Correlation analysis and pair trading evaluation for Vanguard Extended and Banco de Chile. Pair trading can be used as a hedging technique within a particular sector or industry or even over random equities to generate better risk-adjusted return
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