Suharko Wei - PT Megapolitan Insider

PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk -- Indonesia Stock  

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Corporate Secretary

We currently do not have informatin regarding Suharko Wei. This executive tanure with PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk is not currenlty determined.
  Executive Since 2011      

Management Efficiency

Entity Summary

PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk (EMDE) is traded on Jakarta Stock Exchange in Indonesia. and employs 8 people.

PT Megapolitan Devel Leadership Team

Jennifer Rimba, Executive, MBA
Ouw Desiyanti, Executive
Sudjono Rimba, President, MBA
Desi Yuliana, Executive, MBA
Suharko Wei, Executive
Fanny Sutanto, Director
Lora Rimba, President, MBA
Ronald Wihardja, Managing Director, MBA
Jerry Sandakh, Executive
Anton Alam, Executive, MBA
Sentosa Budiman, Director
Zaenal Abidin, Executive
Radian Wahyudi, Director
Barbara Rimba, Director, MBA
Hongisisilia, Executive

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