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Columbia insider: Catherine Stienstra


Catherine Stienstra - Columbia Insider Profile

Fund Manager since August 31, 2007

Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Adviser associated with the Adviser as an investment professional since 2007. Sector Leader of the Advisers Municipal Bond Team from 2007 to 2010. Prior to 2007 Ms. Stienstra was employed by FAF Advisors Inc. from 1998 to 2007 where she was a Director and Senior Portfolio Manager. Ms. Stienstra began her investment career in 1988 and earned a B.A. from the University of Nebraska.
  Money Manager Since 2007      

Other Appointments

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Manager Performance

Fund Summary

The fund's assets are invested primarily in high and medium quality municipal bonds and other debt obligations. Under normal market conditions, it will invest at least 80% of its assets in bonds and other debt obligations issued by or on behalf of state or local governmental units whose interest is exempt from federal income tax. The fund may invest in fixed income securities of any maturity and does not seek to maintain a particular dollarweighted average maturity.The fund is listed under Muni National Long category and is part of Columbia family.

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One Year Return

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Columbia AMTFree TaxExempt Bond B
USA Fund
Currency: USD - US Dollar
Traded on NASDAQ Stock Exchange

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Columbia AMTFree Tax Leadership

Catherine Stienstra, Money Manager
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Fund Performance

Probability Of Bankruptcy1.00 %
Annual Yield3.45 %
Year to Date Return4.35 %
One Year Return10.64 %
Three Year Return7.24 %
Five Year Return3.95 %
Ten Year Return3.82 %
Net Asset551.93 M
Minimum Initial Investment2 K
Last Dividend Paid0.01