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We currently do not have informatin regarding Kazuhiro Egawa. This executive tanure with NIPPON STEELSUMITO METAL is not currenlty determined.
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NIPPON STEELSUMITO METAL (NPS) is traded on Berlin Stock Exchange in Germany. and employs 40 people.


Katsuhiko Ohta, Managing Director
Katsuhiro Miyamoto, Executive Officer
Takahiro Nagayoshi, Executive Officer
Mutsutake Ohtsuka, Director
Shinji Fujino, Executive Officer, Manager of Ohita Ironworks
Masato Matsuno, Executive Officer, Director of General Affairs
Kazuhiro Nakajima, Executive Officer
Atsushi Iijima, Executive Officer, Director of Thick Plate Business
Hidetsugu Soma, Executive Officer
Yoshiyuki Komuro, Executive Officer
Shin Nishiura, Executive Officer, Director of Business Planning
Shinichi Nakamura, Executive Officer, Director of Construction Material Business
Taisuke Nomura, Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Director of Global Business Promotion
Yoshimi Yamadera, Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Nitta, Executive Officer
Toru Takegoshi, Executive Officer, Director of Affiliates
Takahiro Mori, Executive Officer
Shinya Okuda, Managing Executive Officer and Presidentident of Osaka Office
Masato Yamada, Managing Executive Officer
Takashi Hirose, Executive Officer
Akio Migita, Executive Officer
Hideo Suzuki, Managing Executive Officer
Kinya Yanakawa, Managing Director
Hiroaki Takenaka, Executive Officer
Soichiro Sakuma, Managing Director
Naoki Sato, Executive Officer
Kinya Yanagawa, Vice President Representative Director
Kosei Shindo, Vice President Representative Director
Yutaka Takeuchi, Executive Officer
Shinji Tanimoto, Executive Officer, Manager of Sakai Ironworks in Construction Material Business Unit
Hidenori Kunigasa, Executive Officer
Shinji Morinobu, Managing Director, Director of Transportation Industrial Machinery Business
Toshihiko Kunishi, Executive Officer, Deputy Director of Steel Pipe Business
Hirotsune Sato, Executive Officer
Tsuneo Miyamoto, Executive Officer
Hidetake Ishihara, Executive Officer
Shuhei Onoyama, Executive Officer
Yoshiaki Shimada, Executive Officer
Yasumitsu Saeki, Managing Director
Akihiko Inoue, Executive Officer
Yuji Kubo, Executive Officer
Masaki Iwasaki, Executive Officer, Manager of Hirohata Ironworks
Tomoaki Nakagawa, Executive Officer, Director of Linear Rod, Deputy Director of Thin Plate Business
Eiji Hashimoto, Executive Officer, Director of Heavy Plate Business, Director of Construction Material Business
Shozo Furumoto, Executive Officer
Shoji Muneoka, President Representative Director
Naoki Konno, Executive Officer, Senior Director of Technology
Yasushi Aoki, Executive Officer
Makoto Tsuruhara, Executive Officer
Hiromi Ishii, Executive Officer
Kimitoshi Yonezawa, Executive Officer
Atsuhiko Yoshie, Managing Executive Officer
Yutaka Ando, Executive Officer
Machi Nakata, Executive Officer, Manager of Steel Factory in Transportation Machinery Business Unit
Ichiro Fujisaki, Director
Junichi Tani, Executive Officer
Kazuhiro Egawa, Executive Officer
Kazuhisa Fukuda, Executive Officer
Yoichi Furuta, Executive Officer
Hiroshi Matsuda, Manager of General Affairs Office
Shinichi Fujiwara, Executive Officer
Yoshitsugu Sakamoto, Executive Officer, Senior Director of Technology
Kazuo Tanimizu, Executive Officer
Hiroaki Matsuoka, Executive Officer
Shinji Shibao, Executive Officer, Manager of Hirohara Ironworks
Kenji Takahashi, Managing Executive Officer, Deputy Director of Iron & Steel Research Institute in Main Technology Development Unit
Nobuhiko Takamatsu, Managing Executive Officer
Shinya Higuchi, Vice President Representative Director
Shunichi Hayashi, Executive Officer
Toshiharu Sakae, Executive Officer
Ritsuya Iwai, Managing Executive Officer, Manager of Amagasaki Ironworks in Steel Pipe Business Unit
Akihiro Miyasaka, Managing Executive Officer
Tadashi Imai, Executive Officer
Hideki Murakami, Executive Officer
Hiromitsu Ueno, Executive Officer
Takeshi Honda, Executive Officer
Atsuki Matsumura, Executive Officer
Hiroshi Tomono, President COO, Representative Director
Kazuyuki Orita, Executive Officer

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