Luigi Spaventa - Banca Profilo Insider

Stakeholder Luigi Spaventa is not found or was disassociated from the entity Banca Profilo S p A

If you believe Luigi Spaventa is a valid insider of Banca Profilo S p A please let us know and we will check it out.

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Top Management

Banca Profilo S Leadership Team
Cristiano Marino, Executive
Francesca Giannone, Director
Francesco Gentile, Executive
Guido Bastianini, Chairman
Francesco Perrini, Director
Giacomo Garbuglia, Director
Sabrina Bruno, Director
Nicolo Angileri, Executive
Paola Profeta, Director
Marco Baga, Executive
Andrea Baldanzi, Executive
Paolo Muselli, Executive
Ezilda Mariconda, Director
Matteo Guarnerio, Executive
Sabrina Scotti, Executive
Andrea Biasco, Executive
Serenella Rossano, Director
Riccardo Serra, Executive
Gianni Bua, Executive
Gennaro Mariconda, Chairman
Giovanni Maggi, Director
Vladimiro Giacche, Director
Mario Bellardi, Executive
Carlo Negri, Director
Paolo Moia, Executive
Giovanna Panzeri, Executive
Renzo Torchiani, Director
Umberto Paolucci, Director
Sara Zurini, Executive
Massimiliano Raffuzzi, Executive
Giorgio Giorgio, Director
Fabio Candeli, CEO
Luca Barone, Executive
Susanna Maina, Executive
Giorgio Cardena, Executive

Stock Performance

Banca Profilo Performance Indicators