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Member of the Executive Board

Mr. Nilton Sergio Silveira Carvalho serves as Member of the Executive Board of Banco Santander S.A. He was engaged in the banking business since 1981. From 1981 to 2005 he worked at Unibanco in several departments. From 2005 to 2008, he served as Operations Officer of Ole Financiamentos. From 2008 to September 2009, he was responsible for the Organization department at Santander. From October 2009 to October 2012 he was responsible for the operations structure of Aymore. Currently, as Officer of Banco Santander, he is responsible for the Operations department, and he is also Executive Officer of Aymore Credito, Financiamento e Investimento S.A., Banco Bandepe S.A., Santander Capitalizacao S.A., Santander Leasing S.A. Arrendamento Mercantil and Evidence Previdencia S.A. member of the board of directors of Tecnologia Bancaria S.A. TECBAN Deputy Director of Banco RCI Brasil S.A. and he is a member of the board of directors of Webmotors S.A. and Administrator of Santander Brasil Administradora de Consorcio Ltda. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electric Production Engineering from the Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial .
Age: 60        

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SANB4F (SANB4F) is traded on Sao Paolo Stock Exchange in Brazil. and employs 64 people.

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Top Management

SANB4F Leadership Team
Maria Santos, Executive
Viviane Lalli, Director
Luis Bittencourt, Executive
Sergio Rial, CEO, MBA
Marcelo Malanga, Executive
Mara Garcia, Executive
Maria Paiva, Executive
Ana Alfaya, Executive
Marco Araujo, President
Manoel Madureira, Executive
Lilian Guimaraes, President
Wilson Matar, Executive
Angel Agallano, President
Jose Hernandez, Executive
Marcio Nobrega, Executive
Jose Badia, Executive
Jose Alvarez, Director, MBA
Jesus Lotina, Chairman
Carlos Galan, President
Andre Novaes, Executive, MBA
Marilia Rocca, Director, MBA
Sergio Goncalves, Executive
Miguel Ocerin, Executive
Fernando Roldan, Executive
Alvaro Souza, Director
Jose Ferreira, Director, MBA
Clovis Ikeda, Executive
Roberto Campos, Executive
Deborah Wright, Director
Luiz Ferreira, Executive
Luciane Ribeiro, Executive
Marcelo Zerbinatti, Executive
Joao Consiglio, President
Ramon Diez, Executive
Conrado Engel, President
Igor Puga, Executive
Ulisses Guimaraes, Executive, MBA
Mario Westphalen, Executive
Deborah Vieitas, Director
Eduardo Borges, Executive
Mario Leao, Executive
Ede Viani, Executive, MBA
Luis Cardamone, President
Rafael Noya, Executive
Antonio Montes, Executive
Jean Dupui, Executive
Cassio Schmitt, Executive
Mauro Siequeroli, Executive
Jose Borrajo, Director
Carlos Namoto, Executive, MBA
Jose Machado, Executive
Alexandre Zancani, Executive
Leopoldo Cruz, Executive
Juan Irujo, President, MBA
Ronaldo Morimoto, Executive
Robson Rezende, Executive
Oscar Herrero, President, MBA
Luiz Ribeiro, Executive
Flavio Valadao, Executive
Vanessa Barbosa, President
Amancio Gouveia, Executive
Ronaldo Rondinelli, Executive
Juan Blanco, President
Gilberto Abreu, Executive, MBA
Pedro Coutinho, President, MBA
Celso Giacometti, Chairman
Ignacio Bozzano, President, MBA
Carlos Vicente, President
Angel Martell, President, CFA
Nilton Carvalho, Executive
Marino Aguiar, Executive, MBA
Thomas Ilg, Executive
Jose Penido, Director
Reginaldo Ribeiro, Executive, MBA
Cassius Schymura, Executive
Jamil Hannouche, Executive, MBA
Pedro Longuini, President
Felipe Carvalho, Executive
Alexandre DAmbrosio, President
Nilo Carvalho, Executive, MBA
Javier Alvarez, Executive

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