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Mr. Nelson Marques Ferreira Ometto serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of Sao Martinho SA. In 1987, he began his professional career in Sao Martinho, where he served until 1999 in different roles in the administrative area, as a member of the Management Committee and Advisory Board. He was an Officer at Valbras Tratores e Pecas Ltda from 1994 to 1999. Currently, he is engaged in the management of his own affairs and is an Officer at Nelson Ometto Participacoes Ltda. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and participated in the Successors Training Project of Oliveira and Bernhoeft Associates.
Age: 81        

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SMTO3F (SMTO3F) is traded on Sao Paolo Stock Exchange in Brazil. and employs 14 people.

SMTO3F Leadership Team

Nelson Ometto, Director
Augusto Pinheiro, CFO
Felipe Vicchiato, Director
Carlos Andrade, Executive
Mario Gandini, Executive
Joao Val, CFO
Roberto Pupulin, Executive
Marcelo Ometto, Director
Fabio Venturelli, CEO
Luiz Baptista, Director, Ph.D
Luiz Ometto, Chairman, MBA
Murilo Passos, Director
Agenor Pavan, Managing Director
Helder Gosling, Executive
Joao Ometto, Chairman, MBA

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