Zhenyong Chang - China Petroleum Insider

SNPN -- Mexico Stock  

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We currently do not have informatin regarding Zhenyong Chang. This executive tanure with China Petroleum Chemical Corporation is not currenlty determined.
Age: 58  Executive Since 2014      
86 10 5996 0028  http://www.sinopec.com

Management Efficiency

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of 3.49 % which means that it generated profit of $3.49 on every $100 spent on asset. This is normal as compared to the sector avarege. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of 8.36 % meaning that it generated $8.36 on every $100 dollars invested by stockholders.
The company has accumulated 28.52 B in total debt with debt to equity ratio (D/E) of 21.0 indicating the company may have difficulties to generate enough cash to satisfy its financial obligations. China Petroleum Chemical Corporation has Current Ratio of 0.89 indicating that it has a negative working capital and may not be able to pay financial obligations in time and when they become due.

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Entity Summary

China Petroleum Chemical Corporation, an energy and chemical company, engages in the oil and gas, and chemical operations and businesses in the Peoples Republic of China. China Petroleum Chemical Corporation is a subsidiary of China Petrochemical Corporation. China Petroleum operates under Oil Gas Integrated classification in Mexico and traded on Mexico Stock Exchange. It employs 446225 people.China Petroleum Chemical Corporation (SNPN) is traded on Mexico Stock Exchange in Mexico. It is located in No. 22 Chaoyangmen North Street and employs 446,225 people.

China Petroleum Chemical Leadership Team

Dongfen Wen, CFO
Yan Yan, Independent Non-Executive Director
Xiaoming Jiang, Independent Non-Executive Director
Yun Liu, Director
Zhenghong Jiang, Vice President
Weihua Ma, Independent Non-Executive Director
Zhenyong Chang, Deputy General Manager
Houliang Dai, Senior Vice President Director
Fangzheng Jiao, Vice President
Yiqun Ling, Vice President
Dehua Wang, CFO
Chunguang Li, President Executive Director
Yupu Wang, Chairman of the Board
Dianwu Lei, Vice President
Zhigang Wang, Senior Vice President Director
Gang Fan, Independent Non-Executive Director
Guoming Bao, Independent Non-Executive Director
Yaofeng Cao, Director
Chengyu Fu, Chairman of the Board
Jianhua Zhang, Senior Vice President Director
Yongsheng Ma, Senior Vice President
Yaocang Zhang, Vice Chairman of the Board
Wensheng Huang, Deputy General Manager, Secretary of the Board
Min Tang, Independent Non-Executive Director
Yunpeng Li, Director
Haichao Zhang, Vice President
Xiaojin Chen, Independent Non-Executive Director

Stock Performance Indicators

Current Sentiment - SNPN

China Petroleum Chemical Investor Sentiment
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