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Toyota insider: Satoshi Ozawa


Satoshi Ozawa - Toyota Insider Profile

Vice President Chairman of Subsidiary, Representative Director

Mr. Satoshi Ozawa is serving as Vice President and Representative Director in TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION as well as Chairman of the Board in a subsidiary. He previously served as Deputy Chief Overseas Planning Managing Executive Officer Senior Managing Director Director of General Affairs and Human Resources and Chief Director of Information System in the Company.
Age: 62  Chairman Since 2011      
81 5 6528 2121

Other Appointments

Toyota Motor CorporationTMNMexico Mexico
Toyota Motor CorporationTOYOFUnited States OTC
Toyota Motor CorporationTOYOFUnited States OTC
Toyota Motor CorporationTYTUnited Kingdom London

Management Efficency

The company has Return on Asset (ROA) of 4.21 % which means that for every $100 of asset it generated profit of $4.21. This is typical in the industry. Likewise, it shows return on total equity (ROE) of 14.83 % which means that it produced $14.83 on every 100 dollars invested by current stockholders.
The company reports 210.67 B of total liabilities with total debt to equity ratio (D/E) of 1.11 which is normal for its line of buisiness. Toyota Motor Corporation has Current Ratio of 1.03 indicating that it may have difficulties to pay its debt commitments in time.

Toyota price boundaries

April 10 2014
Lowest period price (30 days)
April 02 2014
Highest period price (30 days)

Entity Summary

Toyota Motor Corporationration engages in the design, manufacture, assembly, and sale of passenger cars, minivans, commercial vehicles, and related parts and accessories primarily in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. Toyota Motor Corporation [TM] is traded on New York Stock Exchange in USA. It is located in Toyota City, and employs 333,498 people.

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Toyota Motor Corporation
USA Stock
Currency: USD - US Dollar
Traded on New York Stock Exchange

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Toyota Motor Leadership

Hirofumi Muta, Executive
Yukitoshi Funo, Chairman
Didier Leroy, Executive
Shigeru Hayakawa, Executive
Kazuhiro Miyauchi, Executive
Yoshihiko Matsuda, Executive
Hideki Fujii, Executive
Shigeki Tomoyama, Executive
Riki Inuzuka, Director
Keiji Masui, Executive
Koei Saga, Executive
Kenji Miura, Executive
Mamoru Furuhashi, Director
Real Tanguay, Executive
Haruhiko Kato, Director
Nobutsugu Miyatake, Executive
Atsushi Niimi, Chairman
Hiroyuki Ochiai, Executive
Kosuke Shiramizu, EVP
Kiyotaka Ise, Executive
Tokuo Fukuichi, Executive
Kazuo Okamoto, Managing Director
Karl Schlicht, Executive
Yoichi Inoue, Executive
Moritaka Yoshida, Executive
Katsuyuki Kusakawa, CFO
Naoki Miyazaki, Executive
Yoshimasa Ishii, Executive
Takuo Sasaki, Director
Shinya Kotera, Director
Hisayuki Inoue, Executive
Satoshi Ozawa, Chairman
Shinji Kitada, Executive
Yasuo Kawada, Executive
Akio Toyoda, Director
Koki Konishi, Director
Satoru Mori, Executive
Johan Zyl, Executive
Takeshi Numa, Executive
Hiroyuki Fukui, Executive
Hiroyuki Yokoyama, Executive
Mitsuru Uno, Director
Masahisa Nagata, Director
Kunihiko Ogura, Executive
Hiroji Ohnishi, Executive
Nobuhiko Murakami, Executive
Takahiro Iwase, Executive
Yasumori Ihara, Director
Mark Templin, Executive
James Lentz, Executive
Takahiko Ijichi, Director
Fujio Cho, Chairman
Kazuhiro Kobayashi, Executive
Osamu Nagata, Executive
Shinichi Sasaki, President
Barbra Cooper, VP
Kiichiro Toyoda, Founder
Kazuya Inagaki, Executive
Masahiro Kato, Chairman
Koichi Sugihara, Executive
Ikuo Uno, Director
Shuichi Koyama, Executive
Mark Hogan, Director
Tadashi Yamashina, Executive
Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, Executive
Masayoshi Shirayanagi, Director
Kazuo Ohara, Executive
Kyoichi Tanada, Executive
Shigeki Terashi, Executive
Seiichi Sudo, Executive
Satoshi Takae, Executive
Shigeki Suzuki, Executive
Richard Balshaw, Director
Yasuhiko Sato, Director
Masamoto Maekawa, President
Takeshi Uchiyamada, Director
Tatsuro Ueda, Director
Nobuyori Kodaira, President
Soichiro Okudaira, Executive
Steve Angelo, Executive
Toshiro Hidaka, Director
Satoshi Ogiso, Director
Tetsuya Otake, Director
Hayato Shibakawa, Director
Shunichi Konishi, Executive
Mitsuhisa Kato, President
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Stock Performance

Shares Outstanding1.58 B
Number of Shares Shorted706.94 K