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Top Management

TheStreet Inc Leadership Team
Jeffrey Kanige, Executive
Richard Broitman, Executive
Miguel Dolader, Director
Kien Phan, Chairman
Fernando Azpeitia, CEO
Cameron Ireland, CTO
Miguel Barrera, Director
Viet Cao, Executive
Toan Le, Director
Monica Vidales, Executive
Stephen Zacharias, Director
Khoi Dang, Chairman
Eric Lundberg, CFO
James Cramer, Director
Lawrence Kramer, Director
Fernando Lecuona, Executive
Sarah Fay, Director
Minh Nguyen, Executive
Trung Vu, Executive
Monica Godino, Executive
Dung Dang, Director
Francisco Riobo, Executive
Bowers Espy, Director
Kevin Rendino, Director
Fernando Llardent, Chairman
Terri Smith, Executive
Javier Unzueta, Director
David Callaway, CEO
Eduardo Tena, Director
Erica Mannion, Executive
Betsy Morgan, Director, MBA
Tuan Nguyen, Chairman
Alejandro Crespo, Director
Ismael Orrego, Director
Keith Hall, Director
Ildefonso Marmol, Executive
Pilar Mestre, Director
Hieu Tran, Executive

Stock Performance

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