Ursula Piech - Volkswagen Aktiengesellscha Insider

Stakeholder Ursula Piech is not found or was disassociated from the entity Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

If you believe Ursula Piech is a valid insider of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft please let us know and we will check it out.

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Top Management

Volkswagen Aktiengesellscha Leadership Team
Babette Froehlich, Executive
Klaus Liesen, Chairman, Ph.D
Uwe Hueck, Executive, Ph.D
Hussain AlAbdulla, Executive, Ph.D
Olaf Lies, Executive
Johan Jaervklo, Executive
Louise Kiesling, Executive, Ph.D
Oliver Larkin, Executive
Larry Thompson, Executive
Berthold Huber, Chairman
Herbert Diess, Chairman, Ph.D
Stephan Weil, Executive
Wolfgang Porsche, Executive, Ph.D
Francisco Sanz, Executive, Ph.D
Jurgen Stackmann, Executive
Annika Falkengren, Executive
Joerg Hofmann, Chairman
Uwe Fritsch, Executive
Birgit Dietzel, Executive
Ferdinand Porsche, Executive
Hiltrud Werner, Executive
Michael Brendel, Executive
Werner Eichhorn, Executive
Julia KuhnPieech, Executive
Matthias Mueller, Chairman
HansPeter Fischer, Executive, Ph.D
Kurt Michels, Executive
Jochem Heizmann, Executive
Marianne Heiss, Executive
Stephan Wolf, Executive
Frank Witter, CFO
Karlheinz Blessing, Executive
Thomas Zwiebler, Executive
Hartmut Meine, Executive
Rupert Stadler, Executive
Hans Piech, Executive
Hans Poetsch, Executive
Christine HohmannDennhardt, Executive
Akbar Baker, Executive
Andreas Renschler, Executive
Bernd Osterloh, Executive
Peter Mosch, Executive
Horst Neumann, Executive

Stock Performance

Volkswagen Aktiengesellscha Performance Indicators