DOW Top Constituents Overview

DJI -- USA Index  

 24,462  196.10  0.80%

DOW top constituents interface makes it easy to find which actively traded equities make up the index. This module also helps to analysis DOW price relationship to its top holders by analyzing important technical indicators across index participants. Please not that each index related to the equity markets uses different number of constituents and has its own calculation methodology.
At Risk
AppleApple(0.06) (1.03) 
McDonaldsMcDonalds Corporation 0.0294 (1.46) 
3M3M Company(0.08) (1.65) 
MerckMerck Co 0.19 (1.65) 
MicrosoftMicrosoft Corporation 0.20 (1.27) 
NIKENIKE 0.17 (1.79) 
PfizerPfizer 0.14 (0.59) 
ProcterThe Procter Gamble Company 0.14 (1.99) 
TRVThe Travelers Companies(0.28) (2.15) 
UNHUnitedHealth Group Incorporated 0.16 (1.13) 
UTXUnited Technologies Corporation(0.20) (1.51) 
VisaVisa 0.15 (1.21) 
VZVerizon Communications(0.0096) (1.91) 
WalmartWalmart 0.05 (0.94) 
Coca ColaThe Coca Cola Company 0.12 (1.29) 
JPMorganJPMorgan Chase Co(0.16) (1.76) 
JohnsonJohnson Johnson(0.06) (1.13) 
AmericanAmerican Express Company(0.26) (1.35) 
BoeingThe Boeing Company(0.14) (2.11) 
CaterpilCaterpillar(0.35) (2.52) 

Technical Drivers

Macroaxis technical analysis interface provides you with the way to check practical technical drivers of DOW as well as the relationship between them. In plain English you can use this information to find out if the entity will indeed mirror its model of historical prices and volume momentum or the prices will eventually revert. We found nineteen technical drivers for DOW which can be compared to its rivals. Please confirm DOW Standard Deviation as well as the relationship between Maximum Drawdown and Expected Short fall to decide if DOW is priced fairly providing market reflects its regular price of 24461.7 per share.

DOW Price Movement Analysis

Time Period
Deviations up
Deviations down
MA Type
  Portfolio Optimization    
Execute Study
Incorrect Input. Please change your parameters or increase the time horizon required for running this function. The output start index for this execution was zero with a total number of output elements of zero. The Bollinger Bands is very popular indicator that was developed by John Bollinger. It consist of three lines. DOW middle band is a simple moving average of its typical price. The upper and lower bands are (N) standard deviations above and below the middle band. The bands widen and narrow when the volatility of the price is higher or lower, respectively. The upper and lower bands can also be interpreted as price targets for DOW. When the price bounces off of the lower band and crosses the middle band, then the upper band becomes the price target. View also all equity analysis or get more info about bollinger bands overlap studies indicator.

DOW Technical and Predictive Indicators

DOW Forecast Models

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