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Alcoa management performance

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Alcoa Inc

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1.32 times
Use Alcoa Inc management performance within your existing portfolios mixed with equities fromn New York Stock Exchange to enhance returns of your portfolios as well as to determine Stock diversification method that is right for you.  

Alcoa Management Effectiveness

The company has Return on Asset (ROA) of 1.87 % which means that for every $100 of asset it generated profit of $1.87. This is way below average. Likewise, it shows return on total equity (ROE) of (14.94) % which implies that it produced no returns to current stockholders.

Alcoa Profit Margins

The company has Net Profit Margin (PM) of (9.92) % which may indicate that it does not properly executes on its own pricing strategies. This is way below average. Likewise, it shows Net Operating Margin (NOM) of 4.92 % which signify that for every $100 of sales it has a net operating income of 0.05.

Alcoa Insiders

Franklin Feder Vice President Regional CEO - Latin Ameriva and Caribbean
r Kleinfeld Chairman, CEO, Chairman of Executive Committee and Chairman of International Committee
rer Kleinfeld Chairman, CEO, Chairman of Executive Council, Chairman of International Committee and Chairman of Executive Committee
Klaus Kleinfeld Chairman of the Board, CEO
Mark Davies Executive Vice President and Presidentident - Global Business Services
Robert Wilt President - Global Primary Products, MBA
Graeme Bottger Vice President Controller
Christopher Ayers Group President of Global Primary Products, Executive VP and Member of Executive Council
Kevin McKnight Chief Sustainability Officer, Vice President
Paris Watts-Stanfield Vice President - Internal Audit
Ronald Barin Vice President Chief Investment Officer, Pension Plan Investments
Robert Collins Vice President Controller
Kay Meggers Executive VP, Member of Executive Council and Global President of Global Rolled Products
Olivier Jarrault Executive VP, Member of Executive Council and Group President of Engineered Products and Solutions
Donna Dabney Vice President Corporate Secretary
Nicholas Ashooh Vice President - Corporate Affairs
Ron Barin Vice President, MBA
Raymond Kilmer Executive Vice President CTO
Peter Hong Vice President Treasurer
John Bergen Vice President - Human Resources
Michael Barriere Vice President - Human Resources, MBA
Kenneth Wisnoski Vice President and Presidentident - Global Primary Products, Growth, Bauxite and Africa, MBA
Kurt Waldo Executive Vice President Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
John Kenna Vice President - Tax
Paula Davis Vice President and Presidentident - Alcoa Foundation
Libby Archell Vice President - Corporate Affairs
Julie Caponi Vice President - Internal Audit
Alan Cransberg Vice President and Presidentident - Global Primary Products, Australia
Aquilino Paolucci President of Alcoa and Global Primary Products (GPP) for Latin America and the Caribbean, MBA
Daniel Cruise Vice President - Government Affairs and Business Development
Max Laun Vice President General Counsel
Jinya Chen Vice President - Asia Pacific Region
William Oplinger CFO, Executive VP and Member of Executive Council
Roy Harvey COO
Audrey Strauss Chief Legal Officer, Executive VP, Corporate Secretary and Member of Executive Council
Charles McLane Executive VP and Member of Executive Council
Ernesto Zedillo Independent Director, Ph.D
Kathryn Fuller Independent Director
Ratan Tata Independent Director
James Owens Independent Director
E ONeal Independent Director
Michael Morris Independent Director
Patricia Russo Independent Director
Judith Gueron Lead Independent Director, Ph.D
Carol Roberts Director
Martin Sorrell Independent Director
Arthur Collins Independent Director
Esra Ozer Assistant Corporate Secretary, Director - Executive Communications
Kevin Anton Chief Sustainability Officer, VP and Member of Executive Council
Brenda Hart Assistant General Counsel - Legal Dept, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Corporate Governance Counsel
Christine CPM Chief Procurement Officer

Alcoa Inc Workforce

Alcoa Inc is rated third in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Aluminum industry is presently estimated at about 214,680. Alcoa totals roughly 60,000 in number of employees claiming about 28% of stocks in Aluminum industry.
Klaus Kleinfeld  Chairman
Chairman of the Board, CEO
Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Alcoa Inc. Mr. Kleinfeld was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alcoa since April 2010. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of...
Robert Wilt  President
President - Global Primary Products
Mr. Robert Wilt was appointed as President Global Primary Products of Alcoa Inc. effective June 1 2013. He currently Chief Operating Officer of Alcoas Global Primary Products business...

Tenure Analysis

Alcoa employes about 60000 people. The company is managed by 51 executives with total tenure of roughly 113 years, averanging almost 2.0 years of service per executive having 1176.0 employee per reported executive.

Return on Alcoa Manpower

Revenue Per Employee 383.8 K
Revenue Per Executive 451.6 M
Net Loss Per Employee 38.2 K
Net Loss Per Executive 44.9 M
Working Capital Per Employee 14.4 K
Working Capital Per Executive 16.9 M

Alcoa Earnings Per Share

According to company disclosure Alcoa Inc has Earnings Per Share of -2.14 times. This is 157.53% lower than that of Basic Materials sector, and 322.92% lower than that of Aluminum industry, The Earnings Per Share for all stocks is 192.24% higher than the company.
Earnings per Share is one of the most important measures of current share price of a firm, and is used by investors to determine company overall profitability especially when it is compared to EPS of similar companies.
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