China Metro Management Performance Evaluation

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Analysis of China Metro manpower and management performance can provide insight into China Metro stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with China Metro Rural future performance. Check also Trending Equities.

China Metro Management Effectiveness

The company has Return on Asset of 3.76 % which means that on every $100 spent on asset it made $3.76 of profit. This is considered to be average in the sector.

China Metro Workforce Comparison

China Metro Rural Holdings Limited is rated below average in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Coal industry is currently estimated at about 1.07 Million. China Metro adds roughly 584 in number of employees claiming only tiny portion of stocks in Coal industry.

China Metro Profit Margins

The company has Net Profit Margin of 3.39 % which may imply that it executes well on its competitive polices and has a good control over its expenditures and variable costs. This is considered to be average in the sector. In the same way, it shows Net Operating Margin of 23.69 % which entails that for every 100 dollars of revenue it generated 0.24 of operating income.

China Metro Rural Benchmark Summation

The output start index for this execution was zero with a total number of output elements of seventeen. China Metro Rural Price Series Summation is a cross summation of China Metro price series and its benchmark/peer. View also all equity analysis or get more info about price series summation math operators indicator.

China Metro Stakeholders

Russell Hiscock President and CEO - CN Investment Division, CFA
Luc Jobin President CEO, Director
Guoliang Dai Executive Chairman of the Board, CEO, MBA
Tai Cheng Co-Founder and Vice Chairman
Kam Sio Chairman, CEO, Acting CFO and Chairman of China Metro-Rural Exchange Limited, MBA
Robert Pace Independent Chairman of the Board
Scott Daniels Senior Vice President - Strategy and Innovation
Doug Ryhorchuk Vice President - Western Region
Janet Drysdale Vice President - Corporate Development, MBA
Michael Cory COO, Executive Vice President
Salvatore Forgione Vice President of Investor Relations
Matthew Barker Senior Vice President - Network Operations and Planning, MBA
JeanJacques Ruest Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Sean Finn Executive Vice President - Corporate Services, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary
Paul Butcher Vice-President - Investor Relations
Michael Farkouh Vice President - Eastern Region
Serge Leduc Senior Vice President Chief Information and Technology Officer
Ghislain Houle CFO, Executive Vice President, CPA
Kimberly Madigan Vice President - Human Resources
John Orr Senior Vice President - Southern Region
Mike Cory COO, Executive Vice President
Hei Lung Deputy CFO and Financial Controller
Gee Wong Independent Director
Yuanfang Lin Independent Non-Executive Director
Tin Lam Independent Non-Executive Director
Min Ho Director
Kin Ku Non-Executive Independent Director
Donald Carty Independent Director, MBA
Shauneen Bruder Independent Director, MBA
Hongbin Li Independent Non-Executive Director
Maureen Darkes Independent Director, Ph.D
Edith Holiday Independent Director
Laura Stein Independent Director
Weimin Yang Executive Director
Wai Ng Executive Director
Ka Yuen Independent Director
Robert Phillips Independent Director
Julie Godin Independent Director
Zufa Xiao Non-Executive Independent Director
Chau Lai Independent Director
King Tsui Independent Director, MBA
Wai Chung Independent Non-Executive Director
Kevin Lynch Independent Director
James OConnor Independent Director
Wan Hui Director
Tang Wong Non-Executive Director
Denis Losier Independent Director, Ph.D
Gordon Giffin Independent Director
Guoyu Dai Executive Director, MBA
Hong Chen Chief Financial Controller
Cheuk Lee Company Secretary
Ee Hung Chief Financial Controller, Company Secretary
Qiongbin Liu Financial Officer of Centron Communications Technologies Fujian Co., Ltd., MBA
Lvbang Cheng General Manager - Research and Development Center, Chief Engineer
Xiaping Qiu General Manager - Manufacturing Centre of Fujian Centron
Guohuang Dai Senior Management Member


China Metro Top Executives
  Russell Hiscock  CEO
President and CEO - CN Investment Division
  Luc Jobin  CEO
President CEO, Director

China Metro Employment Tenure

China Metro employes about 584 people. The company is managed by 56 executives with total tenure of roughly 308 years, averanging almost 5.0 years of service per executive having 10.0 employee per reported executive.

Return on China Metro Manpower

Revenue Per Employee 313.2 K
Revenue Per Executive 3.3 M
Net Income Per Employee 10.6 K
Net Income Per Executive 110.4 K
Working Capital Per Employee 1.2 K
Working Capital Per Executive 12.8 K
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