Edwards Lifesciences Management Performance Evaluation

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Analysis of Edwards Lifesciences manpower and management performance can provide insight into Edwards Lifesciences stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Edwards Lifesciences future performance. Additionally see Investing Opportunities.

Edwards Lifesciences Management Effectiveness

The company has Return on Asset (ROA) of 11.47 % which means that for every $100 of asset it generated profit of $11.47. This is typical in the industry. Likewise, it shows return on total equity (ROE) of 21.51 % which means that it produced $21.51 on every 100 dollars invested by current stockholders.

Edwards Lifesciences Workforce Comparison

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is rated below average in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Medical Devices industry is currently estimated at about 26,081. Edwards Lifesciences totals roughly 12,200 in number of employees claiming about 47% of all equities under Medical Devices industry.

Edwards Lifesciences Profit Margins

The company has Net Profit Margin (PM) of 18.5 % which may suggest that it has a good control over its expenditures, executes well on its competitive polices, or have a solid pricing strategies. This is very large. Likewise, it shows Net Operating Margin (NOM) of 30.24 % which signify that for every $100 of sales it has a net operating income of 0.3.

Edwards Lifesciences Insider Trading

Edwards Lifesciences Benchmark Summation

The output start index for this execution was zero with a total number of output elements of seventeen. Edwards Lifesciences Price Series Summation is a cross summation of Edwards Lifesciences price series and its benchmark/peer. View also all equity analysis or get more info about price series summation math operators indicator.

Edwards Lifesciences Stakeholders

Michael Mussallem Chairman and CEO
Catherine Szyman Corporate Vice President Critical Care
Huimin Wang Corporate Vice President Japan, Asia Pacific
JeanLuc Lemercier Corporate Vice President EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Bernard Zovighian Corporate Vice President -Surgical Heart Valve Therapy
David Erickson Vice President - Investor Relations
Scott Ullem CFO and Corporate VP
John Cardis Independent Director
Wesley Schack Presiding Independent Director
Nicholas Valeriani Director
Leslie Heisz Director
Martha Marsh Director
Barbara McNeil Independent Director
Steven Loranger Director
William Link Independent Director
Kieran Gallahue Director
Larry Wood Corporate VP of Transcatheter Heart Valve
Patrick Verguet Corporate VP of EMEA, Canada and Latin America
Donald Bobo Corporate VP of Strategy and Corporate Devel.

Edwards Lifesciences Leadership

Edwards Lifesciences Top Executives

  Michael Mussallem  Chairman
Chairman and CEO
  Catherine Szyman  President
Corporate Vice President Critical Care

Edwards Lifesciences Tenure Analysis

Edwards Lifesciences Employment Tenure

Edwards Lifesciences employes about 12200 people. The company is managed by 19 executives with total tenure of roughly 127 years, averanging almost 6.0 years of service per executive having 642.0 employee per reported executive.

Edwards LifesciencesManpower Efficiency

Return on Edwards Lifesciences Manpower

Revenue Per Employee275.3 K
Revenue Per Executive186.8 M
Net Income Per Employee53.8 K
Net Income Per Executive34.6 M
Working Capital Per Employee128.8 K
Working Capital Per Executive82.7 M

Per Employee

Edwards Lifesciences Per Employee Growth Over Time

Net Income Per Employee

Revenue Per Employee

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