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Federal price prediction Federal price prediction

Investment horizon:  
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With this exotic module your can estimate the sentimental value of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation from the prospective of Federal response to recently generated media hype and the effects of current headlines on its competitors. The module also provides analysis of price elasticity to changes in media outlook on Federal over a specific investment horizon. See also Federal Backtesting, Federal Volatility, Federal Valuation, Federal Correlation, Federal History and Federal Performance

Federal hype analysis

Daily Expected returnPeriod VolatilityHype elasticityRelated hype elasticityAverage news densityRelated news densityNext Expected Hype
Price Moved Up 1.41% 6.96%No Change 0.00% No Change 0.00% 2 Events / Month0 Events / MonthIn a few days
Latest traded priceExpected after-news pricePotential return on next major newsAverage after-hype volatility

Federal estimiated after-hype price volatility

Next price density
Expected price to next headline
March 3, 2015
Current Value
Downside upside
After-hype Price
Upside upside
Federal is exceptionally risky asset. Analysis and calculation of next after-hype price of Federal Home Loan Mo is based on 1 month time horizon.

Federal hype timeline

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation is currently traded for 2.79 . This company stock is not elastic to its hype. The average elasticity to hype of competition is 0.0. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation is projected not to react to the next headline with price going to stay at about the same level and average media hype impact volatility of 0.0%. The immediate return on the next news is projected to be very small where as daily expected return is currently at 1.41%. The volatility of relative hype elasticity to Federal is about 348000.0%%. The volatility of related hype on Federal is about 348000.0% with expected price after next announcement by competition of 2.79. The company recorded loss per share of 1.09. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation last dividend was issued on June 12, 2008. This company had 4:1 split on January 13, 1997. Given the investment horizon of 30 days, the next projected press release will be in a few days.
See also Federal Backtesting, Federal Volatility, Federal Valuation, Federal Correlation, Federal History and Federal Performance
Federal Value 
Benchmark  Embed   Timeline 

Federal related hype analysis

Short fall
At Risk
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd 0.00 0 per month 0.00 (0.68) 0.00  0.34 (0.50) 1.80 
SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited 0.00 0 per month 0.00  0.10  0.00  9.17 (4.07) 13.83 
Federal National Mortgage Association(0.13)1 per month 2.78  0.19 (5.24) 15.06 (4.90) 26.55 
Ally Financial Inc 0.00 0 per month 0.00 (0.29) 0.00  2.80 (16.15) 17.27 
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 0.00 2 per month 3.00  0.17 (4.88) 12.72 (5.46) 32.15 
Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc(0.46)2 per month 0.00 (0.03) 0.00  5.29 (3.68) 26.26 
Essent Group Ltd(0.05)1 per month 0.00 (0.22) 0.00  1.99 (1.13) 3.81 
Hilltop Holdings Inc 0.45 1 per month 0.00 (0.04) 0.00  2.48 (1.25) 8.04 
Hercules Technology Growth Capital Inc(0.12)1 per month 0.00  0.14  0.00  4.66 (1.16) 7.58 
Ocwen Financial Corp 0.33 1 per month 7.65  0.16 (5.30) 10.91 (11.23) 31.67 


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