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Alphabet diagnostics interface makes it easy to digest most current publicly released information about Alphabet as well as get updates on important government artifacts including earning estimates, SEC corporate filings and announcements. This module also helps to analysis Alphabet price relationship with some important fundamental indicators such as market cap and management efficiency.
About 71.0% of the company shares are owned by institutional investors. The book value of Alphabet was currently reported as 219.5. The company has Price/Earnings To Growth (PEG) ratio of 1.02. Alphabet recorded earning per share (EPS) of 18.0. This company had not issued any dividends in recent years. The firm had 10000000:10000000 split on 2015-04-27. Alphabet Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides online advertising services in the United States and internationally. Alphabet Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Alphabet operates under Internet Information Providers classification in USA and traded on NASDAQ. It employs 80110 people. To learn more about GOOGLE call Larry Page at 650-253-0000 or check out

Alphabet Alerts

Alphabet generates negative expected return over the last 30 days
About 71.0% of the company shares are owned by institutional investors

Alphabet Thematic Classifications

Social Domain IdeaSocial Domain
Companies that are actively involved or directly contribute to the development of various social networking technologies
Driverless Cars IdeaDriverless Cars
Large and mid size firms and ETFs that are involved or betting on driverless cars market
Blockchain IdeaBlockchain
Cross-industry collection of firms that are adopting blockchain technology
Momentum IdeaMomentum
Macroaxis long run momentum stocks
Technology IdeaTechnology
Research or development of technologically based good
Investor Favorites IdeaInvestor Favorites
Equities most commonly found in portfolios of money managers

Market Capitalization

The company currently falls under 'Mega-Cap' category with current market capitalization of 744.29 B.


The company has Profit Margin (PM) of 11.42 % which can be a sign that it executes well on its competitive strategies and has a good control over its expenditures. This is very large. Similarly, it shows Operating Margin (OM) of 26.05 % which suggests for every 100 dollars of sales it generated a net operating income of 0.26.

Management Efficiency

Alphabet has return on total asset (ROA) of 9.9 % which means that it generated profit of $9.9 on every $100 spent on asset. This is normal as compared to the sector avarege. Similarly, it shows return on stockholders equity (ROE) of 8.69 % meaning that it created $8.69 on every $100 dollars invested by stockholders.

Stock Holders for Alphabet

At Risk
WeitzWeitz Value Institutional 0.0559  0.00 
WellsWells Fargo Target 2030 R4 0.0053 (1.59) 
WeitzWeitz Partners Value Institutional 0.30  0.00 
ABAB Concentrated Growth Z 0.00  0.00 
ABAB Concentrated Growth I 0.00  0.00 
ABAB Concentrated Growth C 0.00  0.00 
WellsWells Fargo Opportunity Inst 0.00  0.00 
WellsWells Fargo Opportunity Admin 0.00  0.00 
iSharesiShares SP 500 Index K 0.00  0.00 
WellsWells Fargo Target 2035 A 0.0297 (0.84) 
WellsWells Fargo Opportunity C 0.24  0.00 
WellsWells Fargo Target 2060 A(0.0294) (1.53) 
VanguardVanguard Tax Managed Capital App I 0.0139 (1.39) 
VanguardVanguard Total World Stock ETF(0.0189) (1.33) 
VictoryVictory Special Value R(0.0616) (4.66) 
VanguardVanguard Mega Cap Index Institutional 0.0322 (4.27) 
VALICVALIC Company I Growth Income 0.0308 (1.38) 
MegaMega Global Consumer(0.0119) (1.60) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF SP 500 Index Retire 0.0126 (1.37) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Social Choice Eq Premier 0.0668 (1.42) 

Technical Drivers

Alphabet shows Risk Adjusted Performance of 0.13 and Mean Deviation of 1.56. Alphabet technical analysis gives you the methodology to make use of historical prices and volume patterns to determine a pattern that approximates the direction of the firm future prices. In plain English you can use this information to find out if the firm will indeed mirror its model of historical prices and volume momentum or the prices will eventually revert. We found nineteen technical drivers for Alphabet which can be compared to its rivals. Please confirm Alphabet Treynor Ratio as well as the relationship between Downside Variance and Kurtosis to decide if Alphabet is priced correctly providing market reflects its regular price of 1067.45 per share. Given that Alphabet has Jensen Alpha of 0.17, we suggest you validate Alphabet prevailing market performance to make sure the company can sustain itself at future point.

Alphabet Price Movement Analysis

Time Period
Deviations up
Deviations down
MA Type
  Portfolio Suggestion    
Execute Study
The output start index for this execution was four with a total number of output elements of thirty-five. The Bollinger Bands is very popular indicator that was developed by John Bollinger. It consist of three lines. Alphabet middle band is a simple moving average of its typical price. The upper and lower bands are (N) standard deviations above and below the middle band. The bands widen and narrow when the volatility of the price is higher or lower, respectively. The upper and lower bands can also be interpreted as price targets for Alphabet. When the price bounces off of the lower band and crosses the middle band, then the upper band becomes the price target. View also all equity analysis or get more info about bollinger bands overlap studies indicator.

Alphabet Outstanding Bonds

38259PAB8 3.625%05/19/20213.625
38259PAC6 2.125%05/19/20162.125
38259PAD4 3.375%02/25/20243.375

Alphabet Technical and Predictive Indicators

Alphabet Forecast Models

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