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Use Google Inc news concurrently with your other holdings, portfolios, and investing themes to protect against small markets fluctuations and to back test it against optimization strategy that fits your risk preferences.  

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Spotify High Price Prevented Google Inc From Buying It Report
Google Inc. intended buying Spotify ABa music streaming service towards the end of last year but few issues stood as barriers says a report from the Wall Street Journal citing a person familiar with the matter. Google Inc YouTube Product Manager Quits USTrade Voice Google Considers Buying Spotify But Finds the Price Too High Wall Street Journal
Few days ago at         
Can Google Inc. Continue its Incredible Run
The average CPC declined 6 compared to last year and CPC for Google sites dropped 7. The CPC declines are at least partly the result of nonU. Google Inc Shines Inc. Yet To Come ValueWalk Does Google Have More Room To Run Seeking Alpha
Few days ago at         
Google Inc Takes a Pass Yahoo Takes Advantage
The Bibey Post Jul 22 2014 Google Inc is king in the world of online advertising and analytics. This has been true for many years and the company hopes that nothing will change in the future. Yahoo Acquires Flurry To Gain Foothold In Mobile Ecosystem Bidness Etc Yahoo to buy analytics startup Flurry to bolster mobile ad business Reuters India
Few days ago at         
Google buses for commoners Company to fund free public shuttles in Mountain ...
A twoyear pilot program announced Wednesday coincides with controversy in Mountain View over how the rapid growth of Google Inc. and other major office tenants like LinkedIn Corp. and Intuit Inc. factor into daily headaches for residents caused ...
Few days ago at         
Why Google Inc. Shares Could Pop 15
While Fools should generally take the opinion of Wall Street with a grain of salt it not a bad idea to take a closer look at particularly stockshaking upgrades and downgrades just in case their reasoning behind the call makes sense. An Imminent Google Inc Win has Investors Licking their Chops The Bibey Post Google Inc. Expands in San Francisco with 65M Building Acquisition Insider Monkey
Few days ago at         
Google Inc could make Investors Giddy with this Social Play
that many people were simply waiting for Google Inc to acquire Pinterest. It was the consensus that this would happen sooner rather than later no matter how much money it took. Top Movers Yelp Files Complaint Against Google Search in ... Tech News
Few days ago at         
Google Detroit diverge on road map for selfdriving cars
Fox Business Jun 30 2014 In 2012 a small team of Google Inc engineers and business staffers met with several of the world largest car makers to discuss partnerships to build selfdriving cars. Detroit Is Skeptical Of Google Plans For A SelfDriving Car Business Insider
Few days ago at         
Apple Inc. and Google Inc May Enter Your Homes Soon
Insider Monkey Jun 29 2014 Speaking about a recent report from Apple Inc. which is looking to entering the homeware segment CNBC reporters from the Squawk Alley Carl Quintanilla Jon Fortt and Kayla Tausche discussed the various possibilities that can exist ...
Few days ago at         
Google Inc IO Plans Show Roadmap for Next Decade Prateek Alsi
Google Inc has shown its roadmap for the next decade with its announcements at its recent Google IO conference Prateek Alsi said in a recent interview on CNBC. Google Inc Is Taking It To The Next Level ValueWalk Smart Move or Dumb Move for Google Inc The Bibey Post
Few days ago at         
Google Inc EU Privacy Compliance Not Good For The Internet Ben Huh
Tech Insider Jun 26 2014 Google Inc the world foremost search engine by volume of searches has just started to remove search results to comply with a ruling the European Union has handed down to protect people privacy in the region.
Few days ago at         
Google sets sights on TVs cars and watches beyond mere smartphones
At its annual developer conference on Wednesday the company said the first cars running Android Auto software for navigation music and messaging will hit showrooms later this year. Why Google Inc. Needs a Chromepad Motley Fool Google Inc Wants Android to be a Larger Part of Your Life Tech Insider
Few days ago at         
Google Inc Getting Serious About Games
Motley Fool Jun 24 2014 While not exactly an Achille heel Google Play has only performed marginally well. Despite having more mobile devices running its Android OS than anyone on the planet Google Play is an extremely popular but not ...
Few days ago at         
Google Inc Set To Launch Android TV at IO Conference
Google Inc GOOG Set To Launch Android TV at IO Conference While all eyes are set on Apple Inc. newer innovations at WWDC beginning today Google Inc GOOG 1.06 is planning to make a comeback to your living ... Report Google to launch new TV platform will support gaming Seeking Alpha Google Expands Chromecast to 18 Countries
Few days ago at         
What Google Self Driving Car Says About The Company
Seeking Alpha Jun 1 2014 I remember being fascinated as a kid by a book written by John R. Neill titled The Scalawagons of Oz. The story is a continuation of L. Frank Baum Wizard of Oz creation. Google to Build Prototype of Truly Driverless Car EDGEOnTheNet
Few days ago at         
Google Admits It Overwhelmingly White And Male
Huffington Post May 29 2014 The search giant said the transparency about its workforce the first disclosure of its kind in the largely white male tech sector is an important step toward change. Google releases diversity data and says its largely white male workforce ... Fox News
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Google sets sights on TVs cars and watches beyond mere smart...06/25/2014
Google Inc IO Plans Show Roadmap for Next Decade Prateek Als...06/27/2014
Google Detroit diverge on road map for selfdriving cars06/30/2014
Why Google Inc. Shares Could Pop 1507/15/2014
Google Inc Takes a Pass Yahoo Takes Advantage07/21/2014
Spotify High Price Prevented Google Inc From Buying It Repor...07/23/2014

Google Revenue

Google Inc is rated # 2 in revenue category among related companies. Market size based on revenue of Internet Information Providers industry is currently estimated at about 150.58 Billion. Google totals roughly 62.29 Billion in revenue claiming about 41% of equities under Internet Information Providers industry.

Google Pair Trading Analysis

Correlation analysis and pair trading evaluation for Google and Facebook Inc
Based on latest financial disclosure Google Inc has Total Debt of 8.4 B. This is 124.49% higher than that of the Technology sector, and 1127.88% higher than that of Internet Information Providers industry, The Total Debt for all stocks is 20.61% higher than the company.
In most industries, total debt may also include current portion of long-term debt. Since debt terms vary widely from one company to another, simply comparing outstanding debt obligations between different companies may not be adequate. It is usually meaningful to compare total debt amounts between companies that operate within the same sector.
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