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MetLife diagnostics interface makes it easy to digest most current publicly released information about MetLife as well as get updates on important government artifacts including earning estimates, SEC corporate filings and announcements. This module also helps to analysis MetLife price relationship with some important fundamental indicators such as market cap and management efficiency.

MetLife Note

About 82.0% of the company outstanding shares are owned by corporate insiders. The company has price-to-book ratio of 0.86. Typically companies with comparable Price to Book (P/B) are able to outperform the market in the long run. MetLife has Price/Earnings To Growth (PEG) ratio of 0.7. This company last dividend was issued on 2018-08-03. The firm had a split on 2017-08-07. MetLife, Inc. engages in the insurance, annuities, employee benefits, and asset management businesses. MetLife, Inc. was founded in 1863 and is headquartered in New York, New York. MetLife operates under Insurance - Life classification in USA and traded on BATS Exchange. To find out more about METLIFE INC contact Steven Kandarian at 212-578-9500 or learn more at

MetLife Alerts

MetLife has high financial leverage indicating that it may have difficulties to generate enough cash to satisfy its financial commitments
About 82.0% of the company outstanding shares are owned by corporate insiders
On August 3, 2018 MetLife paid $ 0.42 per share dividend to its current shareholders
Latest headline from MacroaxisInsider: Payment of 1031 shares by Frans Hijkoop of MetLife subject to Rule 16b-3

MetLife Upcoming Events

Upcoming Quarterly ReportMay 3, 2017
Next Earnings ReportAugust 2, 2017

MetLife Thematic Classifications

Millennials Best IdeaMillennials Best
Firms that are involved in making products or providing services to millennials
Top FinTech IdeaTop FinTech
A collection of large financial service, investment, and banking companies
Insurance IdeaInsurance
USA Equities from Insurance industry as classified by Fama & French

Market Capitalization

The company currently falls under 'Large-Cap' category with total capitalization of 45.99 B.


The company has Net Profit Margin of 6.43 % which may imply that it executes well on its competitive polices and has a good control over its expenditures and variable costs. This is very large. In the same way, it shows Net Operating Margin of 8.78 % which entails that for every 100 dollars of revenue it generated 0.09 of operating income.

Management Efficiency

MetLife has Return on Asset of 0.41 % which means that on every $100 spent on asset it made $0.41 of profit. This is way below average. In the same way, it shows return on shareholders equity (ROE) of 8.66 % implying that it generated $8.66 on every 100 dollars invested.

Stock Holders for MetLife

At Risk
JHancockJHancock Classic Value A(0.11) (0.73) 
VanguardVanguard Windsor Admiral(0.22) (0.68) 
VanguardVanguard Windsor Inv(0.20) (0.70) 
VanguardVanguard Global Value Factor ETF CAD(0.26) (0.68) 
VanguardVanguard Capital Value Inv(0.25) (0.57) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Large Cap Value Instl(0.18) (0.77) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Large Cap Value Advisor(0.16) (0.72) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Large Cap Value Retire(0.18) (0.71) 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Large Cap Value Premier(0.17) (0.76) 
TD USTD US Monthly Income C Series H 0.00  0.00 
TD USTD US Monthly Income C Advisor Series 0.00  0.00 
TIAA CREFTIAA CREF Large Cap Value Retail(0.20) (0.75) 
SPDR MFSSPDR MFS Systematic Core Equity ETF(0.33) (0.45) 
PowerShaPowerShares SP 500 Value With Mom(0.28) (0.07) 
SnowSnow Capital Opportunity I(0.41) (0.50) 
SnowSnow Capital Opportunity C(0.43) (0.47) 
SnowSnow Capital Opportunity A(0.44) (0.51) 
StateState Street US Value Spotlight K(0.19) (0.92) 
SnowSnow Capital Focused Value Instl(0.25) (0.69) 
SnowSnow Capital Focused Value A(0.23) (0.69) 

Technical Drivers

MetLife secures Downside Deviation of 0.9641, Mean Deviation of 0.9538 and Risk Adjusted Performance of 0.1171. In connection with Fundamental Indicators, Macroaxis technical analysis interface lets you check existing technical drivers of MetLife as well as the relationship between them. Strictly speaking you can use this information to find out if the firm will indeed mirror its model of past prices or the prices will eventually revert. We found nineteen technical drivers for MetLife which can be compared to its peers in the industry. Please verify MetLife Information Ratio, Potential Upside as well as the relationship between Potential Upside and Kurtosis to decide if MetLife is priced some-what accurately providing market reflects its recent price of 48.79 per share. Given that MetLife has Jensen Alpha of 0.0987, we recommend you check MetLife last-minute market performance to make sure the company can sustain itself at future point.

MetLife Price Movement Analysis

Time Period
Deviations up
Deviations down
MA Type
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The output start index for this execution was thirteen with a total number of output elements of four. The Bollinger Bands is very popular indicator that was developed by John Bollinger. It consist of three lines. MetLife middle band is a simple moving average of its typical price. The upper and lower bands are (N) standard deviations above and below the middle band. The bands widen and narrow when the volatility of the price is higher or lower, respectively. The upper and lower bands can also be interpreted as price targets for MetLife. When the price bounces off of the lower band and crosses the middle band, then the upper band becomes the price target. View also all equity analysis or get more info about bollinger bands overlap studies indicator.

MetLife Insider Trading Activities

MetLife Outstanding Bonds

59156RAE8 6.5%12/15/20326.5
59156RAJ7 6.375%06/15/20346.375
59156RAM0 5.7%06/15/20355.7
59156RAN8 5.0%06/15/20155.0
59156RAR9 6.817%08/15/20186.817
59156RAT5 7.717%02/15/20197.717
59156RAU2 6.75%06/01/20166.75
59156RAX6 4.75%02/08/20214.75
59156RAY4 5.875%02/06/20415.875
59156RBB3 4.368%09/15/20234.368
59156RBD9 4.125%08/13/20424.125
59156RBE7 1.756%12/15/20171.756
59156RBF4 3.048%12/15/20223.048
59156RBG2 4.875%11/13/20434.875
59156RBH0 3.6%04/10/20243.6
59156RBK3 1.903%12/15/20171.903
59156RBL1 4.721%12/15/20444.721
59157DAG3 1.625%04/02/20151.625
59217FBR1 2.5%09/29/20152.5
59217FBS9 3.125%01/11/20163.125
59217FBV2 3.65%06/14/20183.65
59217FBY6 2.0%01/09/20152.0
59217FBZ3 3.875%04/11/20223.875
59217HAB3 1.7%06/29/20151.7
59217HAE7 3.0%01/10/20233.0
59217HAF4 1.5%01/10/20181.5
59217HAH0 1.875%06/22/20181.875
59217HAL1 2.3%04/10/20192.3
59217HAM9 1.3%04/10/20171.3
59156RBM9 3.0%03/01/20253.0
59156RBN7 4.05%03/01/20454.05
59217GAC3 2.5%09/29/20152.5
59217GAG4 3.65%06/14/20183.65
59217HAR8 2.0%04/14/20202.0

MetLife Technical and Predictive Indicators

MetLife Forecast Models


MetLife Analyst Recommendations

Target PriceAdvice# of Analysts
MetLife current and past analyst recommendations published by number of research institutions as well as average analyst consensus
MetLife Analyst Advice  

Vital Value Indicators

MetLife Basic Pricing Drivers

Quick Ratio0.84
Fifty Two Week Low43.090
Trailing Annual Dividend Rate1.62
Revenue Growth38.20%
Payout Ratio32.79%
Shares Short Prior Month12.7M
Average Daily Volume Last 10 Day4.34M
Average Daily Volume In Three Month5.11M
Earnings Growth3.30%
Shares Percent Shares Out1.41%
Gross Margins26.61%
Earnings Quarterly Growth-2.20%
Short Percent Of Float1.63%
Forward Price Earnings8.41
Float Shares842.6M
Fifty Two Week High55.910
Enterprise Value To Ebitda20.45
Fifty Day Average45.887
Two Hundred Day Average46.117
Trailing Annual Dividend Yield3.48%
Enterprise Value To Revenue1.80
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