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Use fundamental data analysis to confirm all available drivers of Realty Income to find out if markets are presently mispricing the firm. We found thirty-eight available financial ratios for Realty Income which can be compared to its competitors. To make sure the equity is not overpriced, please check all Realty Income fundamentals including its Shares Owned by Insiders, Cash and Equivalents, Number of Employees, as well as the relationship between Price to Sales and Book Value Per Share . Given that Realty Income has Price to Earning of 48.55 times, we recommend you check out Realty Income recent market performance to make sure the company can sustain itself down the road.Use Realty Income to protect against small markets fluctuations. The stock experiences normal downward trend and little activity. Check odds of Realty Income to be traded at $56.3 in 30 days

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Realty Income Company Summary

Realty Income competes with VEREIT, Vornado Realty, W P, and A B. It invests in the real estate markets of the United States. The firm makes investments in commercial real estate. Realty Income Corporationration was founded in 1969 and is based in Escondido California.

Realty Income Working Capital vs Revenue

Realty Income Corporation is rated below average in working capital category among related companies. It is rated below average in revenue category among related companies .

Realty Income Fundamentals

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FundamentalsRealty IncomePeer Average
Return On Equity4.92 % (15.17) %
Return On Asset2.73 % (15.64) %
Profit Margin29.19 % (5.5) %
Operating Margin48.46 % (10.91) %
Current Valuation22.1 B152.14 B
Shares Outstanding274.08 M1.43 B
Shares Owned by Insiders0.28 % 6.91 %
Shares Owned by Institutions71.58 % 18.37 %
Number of Shares Shorted20.06 M3.24 M
Price to Earning48.55 times40.69 times
Price to Book2.22 times14.44 times
Price to Sales13.39 times17.81 times
Revenue1.16 B9.85 B
Gross Profit1.04 B21.75 B
EBITDA1.05 B1.41 B
Net Income308.7 M517.71 M
Cash and Equivalents10.95 M3.89 B
Cash per Share0.04 times5.17 times
Total Debt5.99 B7.36 B
Debt to Equity85.3 times0.72 times
Current Ratio0.61 times3.3 times
Book Value Per Share25.55 times13.64 times
Cash Flow from Operations903.24 M1.25 B
Short Ratio11.08 times2.09 times
Earnings Per Share1.17 times2.3 times
Price to Earnings To Growth6.1 times1.22 times
Number of Employees13710.67 K
Market Capitalization15.58 B29.78 B
Total Asset11.87 B126.86 B
Retained Earnings(1.53 B)38.24 B
Working Capital(98.16 M)3.58 B
Current Asset121.97 M36.8 B
Current Liabilities220.13 M33.34 B
Z Score1.2708.73
Five Year Return4.49 %
Last Dividend Paid2.54
< 44% 

Chance of Financial Distress

Realty Income Corporation has less than 44 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info


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John Case CEO, Director and Member of Strategic Planning Committee
Michael McKee Chairman of the Board, Lead Independent Director
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