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April 23 2014 

ODD JOB Alert!

ODD JOB STORES INC cannot be verified agains its exchange. Apperently, ODD JOB is not available for investing. Please verify the symbol is currently traded on OTC Market. If you still believe the symbol you are trying to look up is valid please let us know and we will check it as soon as possible.
Benchmark NYSE
Contact Number: 908. 222. 1000
Traded on OTC Market
Shares Outstanding10.93 M
Revenue235.94 M
Gross Profit88.04 M
Cash and Equivalents2.85 M
 United States Russel   1.16 % Macroaxis: change 1.16 Moved Up  
 United States Nasdaq   0.97 % Macroaxis: 0.97 Moved Up  
 United States SP 500   0.41 % Macroaxis: 0.41 Moved Up  
 United States NYSE   0.38 % Macroaxis: 0.38 Moved Up  
 thisGreen ODDJ ODDJ.PK agains markets  0.00 % No Change  

ODD JOB Leadership

Steve Furner CEO, Director
Robert Horne Chairman of the Board
Stuart Levy CFO

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ODD JOB Summary

ODD JOB STORES INC [ODDJ] is a Pink Sheet which is traded between brokers as part of OTC trading. The company currently falls under 'Nano-Cap' category with current market capitalization of 33.87 K. ODD JOB STORES INC has 10.93 M outstanding shares.

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Amazing Savings, Inc., formerly known as Odd Job Stores, Inc., and subsidiaries engage in closeout retail business. more

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ODD JOB vs. Federal

Correlation analysis and fundamentals comparison between ODD JOB STORES INC and Federal National Mor

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ODD JOB Executives

Stuart Levy CFO

ODD JOB Directors

Reuven Dessler Director
Phillip Carter Director
Joseph Nusim Director
Mark Miller Director
Charles Bilezikian Director

ODD JOB Fundamentals

Number of Employees vs Revenue
Price to Book vs Return On Asset
Number of Employees vs Cash per Share
Gross Profit vs Return On Asset
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