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Pepsico Inc Valuation Over Time

Use fundamental data analysis to confirm all available drivers of Pepsico Inc to find out if markets are presently mispricing the firm. We found thirty-eight available financial ratios for Pepsico Inc which can be compared to its competitors. To make sure the equity is not overpriced, please check all Pepsico Inc fundamentals including its Revenue, Cash Flow from Operations, Retained Earnings, as well as the relationship between Cash per Share and Price to Earnings To Growth . Given that Pepsico Inc has Price to Earning of 28.05 times, we recommend you check out Pepsico Inc recent market performance to make sure the company can sustain itself down the road.

Pepsico Market Capitalization vs Number of Employees

Pepsico Inc is regarded third in market capitalization category among related companies. It is regarded second in number of employees category among related companies . The ratio of Market Capitalization to Number of Employees for Pepsico Inc is about  565,475 

Pepsico Fundamentals

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FundamentalsPepsicoPeer Average
Return On Equity37.20 % (11.38) %
Return On Asset8.95 % (11.00) %
Profit Margin8.65 % (2.95) %
Operating Margin15.91 % (9.70) %
Current Valuation170.09 B214.27 B
Shares Outstanding1.44 B519.13 M
Shares Owned by Insiders0.22 % 5.32 %
Shares Owned by Institutions71.40 % 13.93 %
Number of Shares Shorted8.55 M2.76 M
Price to Earning28.05 times26.72 times
Price to Book12.36 times10.27 times
Price to Sales2.36 times12.22 times
Revenue63.06 B8.96 B
Gross Profit34.67 B10.77 B
EBITDA12.25 B1.27 B
Net Income5.45 B484.55 M
Cash and Equivalents12.01 B2.97 B
Cash per Share8.31 times4.33 times
Total Debt33.28 B5.98 B
Debt to Equity2.77 times0.50 times
Current Ratio1.31 times3.30 times
Book Value Per Share8.33 times11.87 times
Cash Flow from Operations10.58 B999.76 M
Short Ratio2.10 times1.70 times
One Year High105.7793.75
One Year Low76.4864.23
Earnings Per Share3.67 times1.84 times
Price to Earnings To Growth3.35 times0.48 times
Number of Employees263 K10.35 K
Market Capitalization148.72 B18.57 B
Total Asset70.02 B57.04 B
Retained Earnings50.38 B9.34 B
Working Capital7.12 B6.26 B
Current Asset23.97 B18.08 B
Current Liabilities16.84 B12.16 B
Z Score2.4523.02

Pepsico Company Summary

Pepsico competes with COCA COLA, MONSTER WORLDWIDE, COCA COLA, and DR PEPPER. Its FritoLay North America segment offers Lays and Ruffles potato chips Doritos Tostitos and Santitas tortilla chips and Cheetos cheeseflavored snacks branded dips and Fritos corn chips. Pepsico Incs Quaker Foods North America segment offer Quaker oatmeal grits rice cakes natural granola and oat squares and Aunt Jemima mixes and syrups Quaker Chewy granola bars Capn Crunch cereal Life cereal and RiceARoni side dishes. Its North America Beverages segment offers beverage concentrates fountain syrups and finished goods under the Pepsi Gatorade Mountain Dew Diet Pepsi Aquafina Diet Mountain Dew Tropicana Pure Premium Sierra Mist and Mug brands and readytodrink tea and coffee and juices. Pepsico Incs Latin America segment offer snack foods under the Doritos Cheetos Marias Gamesa Ruffles Emperador Saladitas Sabritas Lays Rosquinhas Mabel and Tostitos brands cereals and snacks under the Quaker brand and beverage concentrates fountain syrups and finished goods under the Pepsi 7UP Gatorade Mirinda Diet 7UP Manzanita Sol and Diet Pepsi brands. Its Europe SubSaharan Africa segment offers snack foods under the Lays Walkers Doritos Cheetos and Ruffles brands cereals and snacks under the Quaker brand beverage concentrates fountain syrups and finished goods under the Pepsi 7UP Pepsi Max Mirinda Diet Pepsi and Tropicana brands readytodrink tea products and dairy solutions under the Chudo Agusha and Domik v Derevne brands. Pepsico Incs Asia Middle East and North Africa segment offer snack foods under the Lays Kurkure Chipsy Doritos Cheetos and Crunchy brands cereals and snacks under the Quaker brand beverage concentrates fountain syrups and finished goods under the Pepsi Mirinda 7UP Mountain Dew Aquafina and Tropicana brands and tea products. Pepsico Inc was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Purchase New York.

Chance of Financial Distress

Pepsico Inc has less than 34 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info
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