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SNAP -- USA Stock  

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Please exercise analysis of Snap fundamentals to determine if markets are correctly pricing the corporation. We found twenty-eight available drivers for Snap which can be compared to its competition. To make sure the equity is not overpriced, please validate all Snap fundamentals including its Revenue, and the relationship between Shares Owned by Institutions and Cash per Share . Given that Snap has Shares Owned by Insiders of 20.83% , we advise you double-check Snap current market performance to make sure the company can sustain itself down the road.Use Snap to enhance returns of your portfolios. The stock experiences unexpected upward trend. Watch out for market signals. Check odds of Snap to be traded at $6.96 in 30 days

Snap Company Summary

Snap competes with Yahoo Japan, Autohome, Auto Trader, and JUST EAT. Snap Inc. operates as a camera company in the United States and internationally. Snap Inc. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Venice, California. Snap operates under Internet Content Information classification in USA and is traded on New York Stock Exchange. It employs 3069 people.

Snap Net Income vs Market Capitalization

Snap is rated below average in net income category among related companies. It is rated fourth in market capitalization category among related companies .

Snap Systematic Risk

The output start index for this execution was ten with a total number of output elements of twenty-nine. The Beta measures systematic risk based on how returns on Snap correlated with the market. If Beta is less than 0 Snap generally moves in the opposite direction as compared to the market. If Snap Beta is about zero movement of price series is uncorrelated with the movement of the benchmark. if Beta is between zero and one Snap is generally moves in the same direction as, but less than the movement of the market. For Beta = 1 movement of Snap is generally in the same direction as the market. If Beta > 1 Snap moves generally in the same direction as, but more than the movement of the benchmark. View also all equity analysis or get more info about beta statistic functions indicator.

Distress Rating

Snap Financial Distress Probability

Chance of Financial Distress
Snap has more than 73 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info
Snap Inc., the name responsible for the social media platform Snapchat is in trouble as their latest numbers were below estimates and this has investors looking the other way. F... continue

Snap Thematic Clasifications

Active Themes With Snap

Millennials Best Idea
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Social Domain Idea
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Snap Opportunity Range

December 12, 2018 Opportunity Range

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