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SPDR SP 500 ETF -- USA Etf  

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SPDR SP 500 has current Real Value of $265.78 per share. The regular price of the etf is $266.51. At this time the etf appears to be fairly valued. Macroaxis measures value of SPDR SP 500 from examining the etf fundamentals such as Price to Earning of 18.5times and Market Capitalization of 269.48B as well as evaluating its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we recommend to buy undervalued stocks and to dispose of overvalued stocks since at some point future time securites prices and their ongoing real values will draw towards each other.

Taking a dive into the ETF space, let us look at the ticker SPY, which is arguably one of the most notable and it tracks the S&P 500 index. SPDR is the company that created this product and is traded heavily on a daily basis. Evaluating an ETF can be unique because each product warrants different filters.

Filtering the SPY, first you want to see how the liquidity is. This goes for most products, but you want to ensure you can enter and exit your position as you please. Some ETF’s may not be as easy to enter and exit as it is not heavily traded or it follows a small sector. With SPY, you should experience no issues entering and exiting a position.

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SPDR SP 500 ETF is presently regarded as number one ETF in one year return as compared to similar ETFs. It is presently regarded as number one ETF in three year return as compared to similar ETFs reporting about  0.48  of Three Year Return per One Year Return. The ratio of One Year Return to Three Year Return for SPDR SP 500 ETF is roughly  2.1 
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December 18, 2017
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SPDR SP is not too risky asset. Calculation of real value of SPDR SP 500 is based on 1 month time horizon. Increasing SPDR SP 500 time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.

Net Asset

SPDR SP Net Asset Analysis
SPDR SP 500 ETF is presently regarded as number one ETF in net asset as compared to similar ETFs. Total Asset Under Management (AUM) of Large Blend category is currently estimated at about 255.45 Billion. SPDR SP totals roughly 255.16 Billion in net asset claiming about 100% of ETFs under Large Blend category.