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Analysis of ATT manpower and management performance can provide insight into ATT stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with ATT Inc future performance. Also please take a look at World Market Map.

ATT Management Effectiveness

The company has return on total asset of 3.52 % which means that for every 100 dollars spent on asset it generated profit of $3.52. This is acceptable considering the industry classification. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of 22.43 % implying that it made 22.43 on every $100 invested by shareholders.

ATT Profit Margins

The company has Profit Margin of 18.34 % which may indicate that it has a good control over its costs or executes well on its competitive strategies. This is very large. Similarly, it shows Operating Margin of 30.05 % which imply that for every $100 of sales it generated an operating income of 0.3.

ATT Insider Trading

ATT Stakeholders

Andrew Geisse CEO - AT&T Business Solutions
Thaddeus Arroyo CEO - Business Solutions and International
Ralph Vega CEO of ATandT Mobile and Bus. Solutions and President of ATandT Mobile and Bus. Solutions
John Stankey CEO of ATandT Entertainment and Internet Services
Randall Stephenson Chairman, CEO and President and Chairman of Executive Committee
Joelle Phillips President AT&T Tennessee
David McAtee Senior Executive Vice President General Counsel
George Granger President - Oregon External Affairs Division
Jennifer Buskirk AT&T President - Northeast, MBA
Beth Shiroishi President of AT&T Georgia
Paul Weirtz President - AT&T Minnesota
Kentucky Harris President - AT&T Kentucky
Joe York President of AT&T Florida
Gregg Morton President AT&T Southeast Region
Michael Wittrock President - Southeast Region
Susan Johnson Senior Vice President ? Investors Relations
Catherine Coughlin Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer
Lori Lee Executive Vice President - Home Solutions
Robert Quinn Senior Executive Vice President ? External and Legislative Affairs, AT&T Services, Inc.
James Cicconi Senior Executive Vice President - External and Legislative Affairs, AT&T Services, Inc., Ph.D
John Donovan Senior Executive Vice President - AT&T Technology and Network Operations
William Blase Senior Executive Vice President - Human Resources
John Stephens CFO and Sr. Executive VP
James Kelly Independent Director
Matthew Rose Independent Director
Samuel Piazza Independent Director
Geoff Yang Independent Director, MBA
Scott Ford Independent Director
Jaime Pardo Independent Director
Richard Fisher Independent Director, MBA
Joyce Roche Independent Director, MBA
Michael McCallister Independent Director, MBA
John McCoy Independent Director
Beth Mooney Independent Director, MBA
Reuben Anderson Independent Director
William Kennard Independent Director
Glenn Hutchins Independent Director, MBA
Cynthia Taylor Independent Director
Laura Tyson Independent Director
Geoffrey Yang Independent Director, MBA
Jon Madonna Independent Director
Michael Viola IR Contact Officer
David Huntley Chief Compliance Officer


ATT Top Executives
Andrew Geisse  CEO
CEO - AT&T Business Solutions
Thaddeus Arroyo  CEO
CEO - Business Solutions and International

Tenure Analysis

ATT Employment Tenure
ATT employes about 254000 people. The company is managed by 43 executives with total tenure of roughly 275 years, averanging almost 6.0 years of service per executive having 5906.0 employee per reported executive.

Manpower Efficiency

Return on ATT Manpower
Revenue Per Employee 595.3 K
Revenue Per Executive 3.7 B
Net Income Per Employee 50.4 K
Net Income Per Executive 684.9 M

Per Employee

ATT Per Employee Growth Over Time

Net Income Per Employee

Revenue Per Employee

Number of Employees

ATT Number of Employees Analysis
ATT Inc is rated third in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Diversified Telecommunications industry is at this time estimated at about 739,992. ATT totals roughly 254,000 in number of employees claiming about 34% of equities under Diversified Telecommunications industry.

Earnings Per Share

ATT Inc Earnings Per Share
According to company disclosure ATT Inc has Earnings Per Share of 4.76 times. This is 3561.54% higher than that of the Technology sector, and significantly higher than that of Diversified Telecommunications industry, The Earnings Per Share for all stocks is 106.96% lower than the firm.
Earnings per Share is one of the most important measures of the current share price of a firm, and is used by investors to determine the company overall profitability; especially when it is compared to the EPS of similar companies.